Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Gellerizer

I get E-mail
Dear Rodge:

I must remain anonymous for reasons that will become clear.  I invented the Gellerizer.  Named after Uri Geller, who bends spoons, my device bends the paths of meteors and asteroids.  That's right.  I can direct any space junk to hit any planet, on any spot, with the precision of dog's nose after a bitch in heat.  So, here's why I'm writing.  I've just about decided to impose "term limits" on those &#(%#8943! in Washington.  But my conscience keeps kicking in.  I need just one more reason to lose restraint.  The problem is, I don't think it's possible for these people to commit any more outrage against this nation, and get me over the edge. Do you agree? 

Dear TK. 

  I admire your ability to restrain yourself;  and no, I can't think of anything.

The Real King of France.

In a brief filed Tuesday afternoon, the coalition says a search warrant signed by a judge is necessary before Eric Holder can read the contents of E- Mail messages--a position that puts those companies directly at odds with the Obama administration.


Anonymous said...

To paraphrase Nancy Reagan, "just say go."


Anonymous said...

I thought Dubya was the one invading our privacy and Odumbo was going to restore it.

An ignorant dickweed. said...

"The Gellerizer by Elliot Clapp"

Damn... we were not suppose to give out the name?

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