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I watch a lot of crime shows.  A lot.  Like 48Hours, American Justice, 360, and, hell, everything on ID, the crime channel.  Remove the political element from Obama's birth certificate drama, and he's found guilty by every jury from every trial I've seen.  Except for that one John Gotti jury. Somewhat like Bill Clinton, who in the end had no followers, only apologists, Obama has true believer cult hecklers to defend him.  And an army of lawyers to keep the issue out of the courts. Granted, some evidence submitted by the prosecution may have been fanciful, but a good detective follows every lead. And, some of that false trail, I declare, was planted for the purpose of providing tar for their brushes. I recognize that he has the full power of the Presidency, but I don't recognize that he is the President of the United States. He's a paid stooge, reading from a script.
nun You said you weren't going to talk about this any more.
Blow me.


RavingDave said...

That was terrible. Just some guy ranting. I was told there was video of Obama saying (after Alan Keyes said he wasn't a natural born citizen) "So what? I'm running for Illinois senate, not President. Anyone know if this is true? And where such video might be ?

bocopro said...

If memory serves, you posted a piece based on a guy named Wayne Allyn Root, a classmate of Obama's at Columbia, who sez nobody in their graduating class can remember the halfrican . . . dincha?

If not, I keep getting it in e-mail. I'll put it here if ya like.

Anonymous said...

Sweetie and I tried to have a pact to avoid politics and/or government during our daily exercise walk. Trouble is, government is so intrusive into every aspect of life nowadays, that we find it tough.

Kristophr said...
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Rodger the Real King of France said...

In the upper right? Has it always? Or just now? It's not an as, BTW, it be pictures I post.

molonlabe28 said...

'I watch a lot of crime shows. A lot. Like 48Hours, American Justice, 360, and, hell, everything on ID, the crime channel."

Me, too, Rodge.

Couple that with many years of practicing law, and I find myself viewing the world through either a legal or forensic prism.

I didn't delve too deeply into the birther drama during the campaign, but, when, Barry visited his ailing grandmother in Hawaii during the late summer of 2008 and the Governor announce the week after he left that the state could only release his birth records if they were requested by Obama, I got suspicious.

If he can end the whole dispute, and in the process make many, many political adversaries look ridiculous, why has he instead chosen to spend an incredible amount of time and money fighting the matter in court?

Both human and political instinct is to publicize exonerating facts and to suppress incriminating ones.

You don't have to be a genius or an FBI evidentiary analyst at Quantico to determine which path Obama has chosen.

Why would that be?

Anonymous said...

Links from this page on wikipedia will take you to government documents which demonstrate both the president's US heritage and age (over 50 years old).

Kristophr said...

nvm, Rodge ... local intarwebs disturbance.

Anonymous said...

Michelle admits Barack from Kenya


DougM said...

That's funny.
TOTUS has a serial-numbered and manufacture-dated warranty card.

Melissa "Darla" In Texas said...

This fraud needs to go!

JMcD said...

Barack admits Gerald Shapiro "From Hunger".

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