Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Obama, the disarmer in chief

hydrophobamia lyssa

Mr. Wizard says 'Remove Vampires (in the good way)  before they give you rabies'
In addition, the new Obama nuclear "strategy" leaves it up to lawyers - including, apparently, those of the International Atomic Energy Agency (whose members include China, Russia and Iran) - whether the United States will be allowed to use nuclear retaliation if we are attacked with chemical weapons, deadly biological viruses or electric grid-cratering cyberwarfare. Like the rest of the president's denuclearization agenda, this exemplary act of restraint is supposed to dissuade the Iranian and North Korean regimes and other nuclear wannabes from thinking it important to have and wield "the Bomb." As William Safire would say, "Fuggedaboutit." [Sarah Palin clearly has gotten under President Obama's skin]


Anonymous said...

Good! I hope that she gets under his skin like a chigger.


JMcD said...

Obama---- rabid transit

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