Monday, April 12, 2010

Orrin Hatch sniffing Hillary queefs

Orrin Hatch - like a bad penny

Boned Jello

By BEN SMITH | 04/12/10 1:01 PM
The W.H. squelches speculation that Hillary Clinton could be nominated to the Supreme Court, as Orrin Hatch suggested ...
This has happened to me before.  I'll invoke a forgotten spirit over my Ouija board, and the sumbitch incubus will keep coming back, trying to consume my soul.   The right answer about a Hillary nomination to the SC is, "Are you kidding me?  She's lucky not to be serving a sentence at Danbury Correctional. "


Chuck Martel said...

She's got about as much business being on the U.S. Supreme Court as did Harriet Miers.

Chuck from Tacoma said...

But she could bring all of her Rose Law Firm experience to the Supreme's.
That certainly can do a great deal to bring about nationwide confidence in or gumment.

Billll said...

As the biggest threat to Obama from the left, putting her on the Supreme court would be the political equivalent of sending her to Siberia for life, albeit as a guard.

Jim - PRS said...

I wouldn't let this dizzball handle a rear end hit.

douglas said...

I stepped through the double doors at Danbury, the country club of Fed prisons. I was a callow youth working for the US Savings Bond Divison of the Treasury - trying to sell savings bonds to all and wide. Federal employers and defense dept contractors were were prime targets. I went to danburry and made a cold call. The warden was delighted to see me - no savings bond representative in the last twenty years ever paid so much as one call on their facility.

The gates to the lock opened, I entered, the gate behind me closed, the gate before me opened and I had the experience few people other than federal prisoners had. Today I would just dkip that account, one among a hundred assigned to me - as most before me did, it was foolish to go in. But I was inside Danbury -the softest fed prision on the country, but you probably were never in any fed pen.

douglas said...

Oh, part of the sales pitch for US Savings Bonds was to show a movie made by rhe current hot Hollywood TV cast singing the praises of US Savings Bonds. Only at Danbury Prison there was no way to darken a room. The windows had no shades. I was really on my feet trying to make the whole pitch without audio visual support. The employees were so happy to see a normail out side person in there talking to them that it came ou good.

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