Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Dick Morris: Clinton Told Me He Had To Reappoint Janet Reno Or She Would Turn on Him Over Waco

Boned Jello
Via Ace
Just said on Hannity, and Morris says it's a story he never told before.

He says Clinton did not want to reappoint Reno to a second four-year term, but felt he had to, or else she would "tell the truth about him and Waco."

Hannity questioned him about this and Morris then walked it back a bit, dropping the "tell the truth" part in favor of saying he had to reappoint her or she would "turn on him" over Waco.

He says he doesn't know what Clinton meant by that.
I know that Reno went on the air and took responsibility for the whole disaster, and Clinton took hits for hiding behind a girl.  The feeling at the time was Clinton needed some macho action to help change his image as a draft evading coward, and I suspect he was pulling all the Waco massacre strings. Just a guess. The surviving Branch Davidians are still in jail; Clinton isn't.


Anonymous said...

hm... this from the guy responsible for the idea that Waco and McVey were all causd by the Vast Right Wing/Limbaugh?



[TW: denessen *snerk*]

Anonymous said...

Trying to contain the flood by sticking his finger in a dyke.

BlogDog said...

What never happens in Reno, never happens. And in Reno, it never will.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tim, that wasn't his finger and the dyke nearly decked him. The best advice given to ol' BJ is, and has always been, "Zip it up."

Grumpyunk said...

Go read this short piece about the Clinton administrations strategy on Waco regarding the children inside. And don't forget that these rotten SOB's we're the ones who used the "It's For the Children" angle on everything.

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