Thursday, April 01, 2010

Will Guam tip over?

Meet the people who
also gave us Obamacare
Today featuring Rep. Hank Johnson (D GA)

Here questioning an Admiral about the possibility of Guam tipping over and capsizing due to too many people on the island.
Bullseye in comments


Anonymous said...


I would love to have been at the O-Club that night with the good admiral.

You gotta love the way dingbat leans when he talks about Guam tipping over



Kevin said...

What would one expect, given he replaced Cynthia McKinney.

DougT said...

The Honorable Congresscritter is merely describing the latest innovation in climate change research, AGW2: Anthropogenic Guamic Waterlogging.

Grumpyunk said...

The Admiral deserves big props for keeping a straight face on that. On 2nd thought, he should have laughed right in his face and called him a Stupid Sunzabitch.

330 million MoFos in this country and this is the Best and Brightest that will lead us in the glorious future that awaits us under Dear Leader?

I'm worried about the stability of Hawaii, Great Briton and Australia too.
Whatever you do, don't let Al Gore get wind of this POTENTIAL MAN MADE DISASTER!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Admiral: Sir, No worries, we use the same technology on Guam as we have been using on Hawaii & Manhattan islands.

StarBanker said...

Hong Kong solved this by creating an exact duplicate of itself on the bottom of the island for just this sort of problem.

DougT said...

The Administration has proposed legislation to deal with this growing issue: Capsize and Trade.

Anonymous said...

I always have great admiration and pity for the people who have to go speak to those monumental dumbasses without getting angry. If it had been me, I'd have given the clod the belly laugh he deserves.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Starbanker! Paroled? :))

Anonymous said...

Nuthin to worry about, Congressperson, sir. Puerto Rico is about 100 miles by fifty or sixty with almost 4 million people. Almost 3 million of us live within 10 miles of San Juan. If we ain't flipped yet Guam ain't goin nowhere...


James Hooker - Nipple Whisperer said...

Rodger, I´ve seen a lot of things on your site that made me gasp, but, this one has taken the biscuit!

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