Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Women in war


Anonymous said...

They are KILLERS once their cycles line up, if you send them out during the right time of the month.

JMcD said...

Betty jumped into her set of 'Country Kitchen Camouflage', covered with colorful pictures of servings of Tiramisu,joints of roast beef,bowls of mixed fruit and pitchers of lemon/lime ade.....
She stood out like a garden (of Eden) party.

When last seen Betty was under seige by 39 Taliban gourmets and 4 skinny Somalians.

Alear said...

This interests me. At first blush, I'm falling on the side that says I'd rather my gummint doesn't know if I'm carrying, and I'd also rather none get preferative treatment for a possibly illegal act just because of some unrelated reason.

OTOH, if it's just another reason to get a conceal and carry license, well there ya go.

Anonymous said...

My experience tells me the bit** wearing the same outfit catches a bullet, especially if she's a stranger.

Anonymous said...

The STATE DOES not have the right to permit us to defend ourselves. God granted us that right.

rickn8or said...

Why is the nice officer asking if I'm doing what the state has licensed me to do??
And he missed a chance to generate revenue for the state.

Anonymous said...

Here in PA, the CCW license is tied to your driver's license record. If a cop runs your license, he or she will know you have a CCW.

If it's a simple matter, write a ticket and you're on your way sort of thing, they probably won't mention it unless you're acting in a way that makes them nervous. If they ask, you're required to let them know. In some states you're required to tell an officer at first contact.

Even tho cases of crime with lawfully carried weapons are extremely rare, this is for officer safety and I don't have a problem with it. I've been pulled over a couple of times since I got my CCW and I've never been asked, but I know they saw it when they ran me. It's possible they are just a bit more wary when they come back to me, but they also know creeps and lawbreakers don't get that little card and they are probably dealing with a good guy.


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