Monday, May 10, 2010

Coulter Snarks Kagin

Ruth Bader Ginsbug Will No Longer Be Known as The Pretty One
Quotations from Chairman Ann


Spunky Texan said...

I asked my wife what is the deal with all the leftist females being so, well, FUGLY.

She said they are leftists BECAUSE they are so fugly, they cannot attract a mate, so they become bitter, hence, leftist freakos.

tuning word: undes

rwnutjob said...

Hawt women want a winner, not a whiner.


Anonymous said...

The really sad part is the girly men who suck up to those ugly women for sex. There are some serious self esteem ramifications.

toadold said...

A number of the girly men suck up to ugly women for access to money and power which can get them sex with none ugly women...or boys as the case may be. They differ from gigolos in that they use their ideology to lie to themselves about their motivation.

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