Saturday, May 22, 2010

The CSA wins the War of Rebellion, and ...

People are always asking:
Hi Rodge:

You said that had the CSA prevailed, the South, having learned from its mistake of having a one crop economy, would have industrialized.  With slavery proscribed by the Southern aristocracy, who saw the  deleterious effect it was having on its sons, this freed work force was quickly absorbed into an industrial economy, by necessity.  What would the long term effect have been on the United Socialized States?  You know, what with them going the way they've gone, and the CSA having a free economy, no income tax, and no living convicted serial killers?
And would you have granted the Obama's political sanctuary?

Tom Jones

Thanks Tom.  You did a fair job of capturing the essence of my 1260 page book.  To answer your first question, this satellite image. To the second, no.
Boned Jello
Satellite image, December 12, 2009


clem said...

Interesting. I presume that after the US collapsed, Maryland was able to join the CSA, as they had always wanted to do. They would, of course, have reclaimed the Federal City, forcing the US to relocate the capital to-- where?

JMcD said...

Way things have turned out...Detroit would have been a good choice.

Oliver Cromwell said...

Why are you dredging up the past? Think towards the future-- and your daughter's phys ed class. That's athletics! That there's one way to get them to stop texting, get off the couch and start doing something aerobic for once. It's fun, healthy, boys like it, and it can even earn them a good living.

Yes, I'm being facetious. But it's a nice video.

Anonymous said...

aargh! no arizona border.

Also, Kansas is lit, Missouri is darkened. This should be reversed. Those thieving, murderous bastards shouldn't be grouped with the North. Remember bloody Kansas!

Wounds run very deep.

Anonymous said...

Your Highness,
Where's Houston? Did Urkel nuke it while I was getting my torta from the taco wagon? I didn't hear a thing...sheesh!
Yours in curiosity,
Papa Rod

Anonymous said...

Rodger didn't have enough room to draw the Arizona Southern Border, it goes all the way to panama. After the CSA was created they helped over throw the French in Mexico. Mexico and Central America held free elections and became part of the CSA- they have been speaking Tex Mex ever since, proud members of the CSA

Anonymous said...

And DAMN, the food's good too.


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