Sunday, May 09, 2010

Down with Poll-land

Here's what I'm talking about
The Quinnipiac polls, conducted in three states across the past month, all find likely voters to have complex and contradictory views on these repeal lawsuits as well as health care reform itself. By a slight majority, likely voters tend to oppose the health care reform law. But they also tend to oppose the repeal lawsuits as a “bad idea” that would, for a sizeable portion of voters, make them “less likely” to support a given candidate. In short, voters simultaneously don’t want to health care reform but don’t want to challenge it either. [Politico]

Boned Jello

Screw these polls.  Screw the people who order them, and screw the people who use them to shape opinion.  There is no right way to do the wrong thing, and everything about the people running our government is wrong.  Let's see how the majority of "likely voters" respond at the only polls that matter - in November.  (Did you notice that Sen. Bennet  lost the GOP nomination to a fourth term in Utah yesterday? ) 

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Chris in NC said...

I find the comments to be very interesting. JHOGER in comments is an obama lackey and defends taking peoples money to the hilt.

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