Friday, May 14, 2010

Holder - Again

The Obamacy
Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. , who has been critical of Arizona's new immigration law, said Thursday he hasn't yet read the law and is going by what he's read in newspapers or seen on television.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Looks like he got his law degree from Hamburger University.

Anonymous said...

Nah, Hamburger U makes you do things right. More likely National University.


Anonymous said...

Naw, Holder graduated Lawdy How Come from Wassamatta U.

cap'n chumbucket

Scottiebill said...

I thought that Holder had gotten his law degree by answering an ad in the back pages of Mechanix Illustrated. Had he gotten his degree from Hamburger University, he could be doing something useful by flipping burgers at one of his alma mater's outlets rather than what he is doing now - playing first-string toady to the Komrade Peter Principle President and apologist for the guy who tried to bomb Times Square.

Anonymous said...

Holder is an Incompetent Ass!

toadold said...

Considering the quality of the graduates of the big name Ivy League schools these days, I agree that a Hamburger U graduate would probably do a better job. I read somewhere that one of the Ivy schools had a student body that 60% legacy students, that is the student got in because of who he was related to rather than scholastic merit. Couple that with affirmative action passes, the elimination of Dead White man studies, and etc. You have someone that couldn't get through a 19th century high school

JMcD said...

To quote Ed Morrissey at HotAir:
"Say, isn’t Holder profiling Arizonans?"

Well...yes..yes he is, I'd say.

Billll said...

Someone needs to ask Holder at one of those conferences, if he has a lawyer on retainer to take care of the legal stuff he encounters.

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