Thursday, May 13, 2010

In Passing

Slices of Meat

The CIA shutters a program designed to track the al Qaeda threat emanating from Iranian soil.
Why?  Nobody knows. (Jug-ears knows)

Kristol: I would not discount Sean Bielat's chances of ousting  Barney Frank.

Puerto Rico, the 51st State?
Congressional Democrats are trying to add to their numbers by rigging the political system in favor of Puerto Rico statehood.
("Filthy" is NOT too harsh a word to describe these filthy bastids)

California Assembly OKs food stamps for drug felons

Boned Jello

Oliver North Confirms Big Government report: Mullah Mohammed Omar Captured
Execute him P.D.Q.


An ignorant dickweed. said...

Communism: enslavement of the citizens by force.
Socialism: enslavement of the citizens by vote.

SoylentGreen said...

I've used that rub recipe (from you of course) - multiplied by 4 for 8 Boston butts. Rave reviews from 120 guests. So I'm doing it again for a whole pig next weekend. Thank you, King.

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