Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kagan and Socialists

Elena Kagan ’81 as an undergraduate

Boned Jello

Kagan’s political beliefs emerged most clearly in an opinion piece she wrote for the ‘Prince’ a few weeks after that 1980 election night, in which she described her disappointment at Holtzman’s loss and her own liberal views. “I absorbed ... liberal principles early,” she said. “More to the point, I have retained them fairly intact to this day.”

In the piece, Kagan also expressed her dissatisfaction with the state of the political left at the time, lamenting the demise of “real Democrats — not the closet Republicans that one sees so often these days” and the success of “anonymous but Moral Majority-backed ... avengers of ‘innocent life’ and the B-1 Bomber, these beneficiaries of a general turn to the right and a profound disorganization on the left.”

She hoped that the future would “be marked by American disillusionment with conservative programs and solutions, and that a new, revitalized, perhaps more leftist left will once again come to the fore.”



franco said...

I would describe our time as "marked by American disillusionment with liberal programs and solutions, and that a new, revitalized, perhaps more conservative right has once again come to the fore.”

Meaning Tea Parties, of course. That attitude is clearly out of step with the times.

The biggest problem, though, is that she's Obama's Harriet Miers. From Wikipedia: "Miers's nomination was criticized from people all over the political spectrum based on her never having served as a judge, her perceived lack of intellectual rigor, her close personal ties to Bush, and her lack of a clear record on issues likely to be encountered as a Supreme Court Justice." That might as well be Kagan.

franco said...

Just for clarity, "That attitude" in the second paragraph means Kagan's attitude.

cmblake6 said...

We take DC back, we purge.

Chuck Martel said...

You might want to take a look at some of the info concerning her mentor at Princeton -- Sean Wilentz.

It is not surprising that Wikipedia notes "Wilentz is a long-time family friend of the Clintons. Wilentz has also intervened in contemporary politics as a staunch defender of Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton."

Or "Wilentz has prominently criticized the George W. Bush administration. In 2006 he wrote an article about the George W. Bush presidency, titled "The Worst President in History?"

What is surprising is his criticism of BHO. "He wrote an essay in the New Republic analyzing Sen. Barack Obama's campaign, charging Obama with creating "manipulative illusion[s]" and "distortions," and having "purposefully polluted the [primary electoral] contest" with "the most outrageous deployment of racial politics since the Willie Horton ad campaign in 1988."

Anonymous said...

I'd take off work to go to her hangin'.


IdahoHunter said...

What cmblake6 said.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Martel 5:10PM:
Those are the words of the disappointed Hillary backer, and were thus 'campaign' words, easily pushed down the rat-hole when not convenient.
Once the primary was over, the election history, they will never see the light of day or be repeated aloud again.
Kagan will likely be approved, unless she is caught with a dead woman or a live boy in her bed. [is that how that goes? Trying to translate for the gender/choice flip-flops that apply...]

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