Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Laugh? I thougt I'd cry.

Guilty Verdict Handed Down
by the Obama Columbia Jury

Mail fraud, wire fraud, Obstruction of Justice and Sedition were the main charges. I would have found Columbia University not guilty of any charges that involved them knowingly undermining the country. I just do not think they knew back in 1981 that they were taking part in a conspiracy to undermine the Government. Their silence about Obama attending Columbia University during his campaign does not meet that level of conspiracy in my opinion. I do not think that was proven, but they can appeal it if they like - The Conservative Monster.com

Boned Jello

In one of the updates on this trial, it has been reported that a scheduled witness Wayne Allyn Root has withdrawn from his participation at the last minute.  Mr. Root was the Vice Presidential nominee of the Libertarian Party in 2008 and was also in the same graduating class as Obama has claimed to have been in at Columbia University.  He has been quoted in various sources to have no knowledge of any Barrack Obama or Barry Soetoro attending during his years there.  There is also no record in yearbooks of a student by either of these names.  Mr. Root seems to have decided not to testify based on disagreements of some of the subject matter that is scheduled to be brought up at the trial.  In interviews, he has also maintained being proud of his Alma Matre, Columbia University.  It is not known whether this may have also contributed to his decision to withdraw from the proceedings against Columbia. - Examiner
The trial was held in Harlem, and yielded charges by the irascible Pastor Manning that a a CIA "hit" on him failed after nobody would carry it out.    Manning claimed that "Obama worked with the CIA for 4 years (1981-1985) in Pakistan assisting the Mujahadeen fighters during the Soviet-Afghan war," the time period be was supposedly attending Columbia. Bizarre, yes, but so is evertything about a Kenyan's cake-walk into the preisdency.  Giddy-up.


MoFiZiX Gr4FiX said...

I follow Steve Cooper on the FB and have had great conversation with him. He's a real stand-up guy who's dead set on exposing the media cover up of an illegal immigrant becoming POTUS. God bless him!

Anonymous said...

When's the hangin'? I want to get tickets.


Rodger the Real King of France said...

If Barry was working for the company in Pakistan, it answers a whole lot of questions, and also begs the question about his possible interface with Obama bin Laden, who was one of them Mujahadeen.

Gabby said...

Does anyone have the citation (which court, case #, and parties--plaintiff(s) and defendant(s)? A transcript would make very interesting reading. I presume that information is public record, and that a reporter was taking down every word uttered during the trial.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

It was a mock trial.

Anonymous said...

Bravo!! Thank you an infinite amount for posting this link!

I salute you, the Real King of France, and accept you as my liege . Now if we can only get you appointed to head the (new) Holy Roman Empire...

cap'n chumbucket

cmblake6 said...

Was it "mock"? Or, even if it was real, do you think TEH WON™ would take one damn blind beggars bit of notice?

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