Monday, May 24, 2010

Let My People GO MOFOS

Boned Jello DITTOS

Government uses a sledge hammer to kill flies, and nowhere is this more evident than civil rights.  I disagree with Michael Steele that Rand Paul's "philosophy is misplaced."  The 1964 Civil Rights Act did overstep,  and that statement of fact no way implies support for unequal rights. *

I remember a 60 Minutes episode, from the 1990's, that focused on a small manufacturer in the northeast.  Reflecting the neighborhood, ninety-eight percent of the plant's employees were Black, or Hispanic. When a Black woman (claimed ) she applied for a job, and not hired because of race,  the EEOC took action.  That resulted in a financial judgment that led to the company's bankruptcy, and closure.  More EEOC, off the top of my head.
  •  Employers can't ask applicants whether they've been in prison, use drugs, been dishonorably discharged, or have sex with animals.
  • In 1997 the EEOC ruled that  disseminating derogatory electronic messages  regarding `ebonics' " to your co-workers is against the law.
  •  Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have used the Civil Rights Act to shake-down corporations to the tune of millions.
  •  Under the umbrella of the Civil Rights Act, democrats have created masterworks of ridiculous  racial gerrymandering
  • Here is a brief catalogue of some of what's been described by various agencies  and courts as "harassment" under the CRA:
             Co-workers' use of "draftsman" and "foreman" (instead of "draftsperson" and
             "foreperson"). "Men Working" signs. Sexually suggestive jokes, even ones that
             aren't misogynistic. Derogatory pictures of the Ayatollah Khomeini and American
             flags burning in Iran. In the words of one court's injunction: remarks "contrary to
             your fellow employees' religious beliefs." "Offensive speech implicating
             considerations of race." (Eugene Volokh, 1997)

Dittos, Mr. Steele

* I think Americans are all for equal rights under the law.  That includes [ahem] allowing police to ask  traffic violators with Mexican features to show identification - like the rest of us. 


Anonymous said...

Michael Steele's philosophy is misplaced.


USMC8541 said...


If by "philosophy" you mean "testicles", I agree.

Juice said...

Booyah!!! USMC8541

El Jefe said...

I just always refer anyone to this passage from The Death Of Common Sense

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