Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Messicans getting smarter


Boned Jello

I saw something similar but didn't save it.  Stuck in my head, and made me laugh. PS worthy.


Jerr Z. Shore said...

Not that smart. What happens when people show up with sticks? They're going to be mighty disappointed when they don't get any candy.

Juice said...

Speak softly and carry a BIG stick? ;]

JMcD said...

It's filled with Smack, Crack, and Maryjane....
Some bros from L.A. are gonna beat the "shit" out of it.

Melissa "Darla" In Texas said...

I keep thinking more along the lines of target practice!

Chris said...

Is that a candy-filled pinata or a wetback-filled, trojan horse type pinata?
Either way, I say take your bats and have at it.

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