Sunday, May 23, 2010

Nancy's Surprise Djou

Nancy's Surprise Djou

Boned Jello

Replacing former U.S. Rep. Neil Abercrombie (D HI) with a  coconut shell would have been a plus for the nation; replacing him with a Republican  is glorious.  As you can see by the numbers, Djou benefited from a toxic intra-party battle between the two Democrats, who garnered 59% of the vote betwixt them.  Let's hope Rep. Djou's term lasts longer than six-months.  Maybe Djou can get hold of Obama's birth certificate in that time.  [Story]
Party Candidate Votes Percent
R Charles Djou 67,610 39.7%
D Colleen Hanabusa 52,802 31.0%
D Ed Case 47,391 27.8


Anonymous said...

"Djou?" Yes.
"Djou?" Yup.

JMcD said...

Gee.....He doesn't LOOK djouish.

JMcD said...

Actually...I thought he looked sorta T'yeineez.

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