Thursday, May 13, 2010

Obama Explained by Jon Voight

Jon Voight


Anonymous said...

Is he the actor or the dentist?

pdwalker said...

Got nothing to add to that.

Juice said...

Ah! A Seinfeld fan in the audience, anony. :]

That was superb and honest and everything we've been thinking and feeling. Thank you Mr. Voit. Glad you're not in the Hollywood closet.

We are spending the summer around Vallecito Lake, CO area and it is more beautiful here everyday with every new scenery we veiw. Seeing the beauty of each stream, pond, ranch or mountain home, it is impossible NOT to consider the growing monsters in DC that daily swallow our most precious possession: FREEDOM.

WHAT will stop them? HOW to "undo" the evil (Mr. Voit referred) already committed? If Mr. Reagan were alive today, would he have to add America to the Evil Empire?
*withholding foul language* here, boss

JMcD said...

In "Thus Spoke Zarathustra," the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche wrote: "Alas, the time of the most despicable man is coming. The earth has become small, and on it hops the last man, who makes everything small. His race is as ineradicable as the flea, Everybody wants the same, everybody is the same: whoever feels different goes voluntarily into a madhouse. . . . 'We have invented happiness,' say the last men, and they blink."

Anonymous said...


As long as you're in 4 Corners, make sure you take Red Mountain Pass up to Ouray, a great little drive and a beautiful town-wonderful hot springs there-now if you get as far as the foothills west of Denver you better let me know so I can meet and treat your family to some real southwest green chile-plus you'll see see some beautiful glasswork

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