Thursday, May 20, 2010


Looking for a tarp with air filter
& Glad™bag with clogs
here boss



Anonymous said...

Keeping it classy. All she is missing is a hair extension, freaky long nails with gold trim, and well, that dress. You usually have to go to Liberty City to find this kind of class.

Juice said...

Whoa! Like the finish your assignment on that one: Associated thought! :D

Chuck Martel said...

Is the guy behind her Ted Danson?

Anonymous said...

Oh Rodger, I lived in Chi-town during the Halcyon days of Harold Washington's Mayoralty when their battlecry was "We'z gonna get ours now."

You couldn't find a place to park in the city because of all the abandoned junkers clogging the streets. The city couldn't get a towing contract through the city council without a half-dozen Aldermen being indicted by the FBI.

Six months after Richie was elected, they were all gone. And Harold? Harold died in the back of his limo eating Brown's Fried Chicken. One simply does not make this shit up.


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