Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rand Paul

GOP officials try to help, and tame, Rand Paul

Boned Jello

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Even as national Republican officials seek ways to limit damage from Rand Paul's unorthodox remarks, the Kentucky Senate nominee raised more eyebrows Friday by defending the oil company blamed for the Gulf oil spill.

Those comments, on top of Paul's earlier suggestion that businesses should have the right to turn away racial minorities, sent gleeful Democrats into full attack mode while top Republicans pondered how to calm things down. [and he is exactly right ... ]
Do I have to say it?  These are the same people who tried to tame Sarah Palin; freaking out when the lib media reported non-existent interview faux pas and manufactured gaffes.  So, how did that work out?  Any candidate who takes direction from  the Republican Party is too stupid to make a difference, even if they do manage to get elected.  


Anonymous said...

WHEN THE HELL will the republicans grow a set and ignore the MSM? They have ZILCH for a learning curve. They were steered into McFlop last time and seem to be falling for it again. NEVER let the other side pick your candidate.

Esteve said...

I do have to wonder what Rand Paul thought he would gain by appearing on MSNBC. That decision seems dumber than anything he may have said.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

You are spot-on. American candidates ought to borrow a page from Obamunists and simply boycott MSNBC, or NBC period.

Kristophr said...

Pretty much.

Don't ever answer press questions. Make statements only. Only talk to outlets that actually want to report news instead of humping an agenda. They are simply monkeys playing "gotcha". They live to make themselves the center of attention. They are the enemy.

Don't feed that. Ignore them.

Anonymous said...

These republicans are never going to grow a set. If they ain't got 'em by now, they ain't gonna.

The only thing to be done is fire 'em and hire some new ones who already have a set.


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