Monday, May 10, 2010

Real Boob

Today's Political News
What the hell, it's all so predictable.  We're at about the  February 27th mark; let's keep abreast of other suff for awhile.

I have absoulutely no idea who Heidi Montag is, but tthe Mexiantown bridge story (below) set my mood. That would be, slumming with stuff I can slap my knee to. 
In search of 65Zs

It’s hard to say what Heidi Montag is more addicted to, fame or plastic surgery, but according to a new report she plans on scratching both those itches simultaneously soon. Heidi’s husband Spencer Pratt who mainlines fame like a drug, tells Life & Style Heidi wants to increase the size of her already huge breast implants from 700 cc’s to 800 cc’s. With her breasts now a size “E” or “F” and legally cannot undergo any more surgery, Heidi’s looking to have the surgery done in Europe, not by an American-board-certified doctor!
“She wants to do it within the next two months and film it for the new TV show she and Spencer have been pitching to cable networks E! and Oxygen,” an insider tells Life & Style.
Spencer insists he’s already doing everything he can to keep her away from her plastic surgeon — and it’s no easy task. [as far as I got]


Anonymous said...

What a shame

JMcD said...

Heidi is a complete idiot....
Hey...wonder if she'd consider an appointment to the Supreme Court?
She doesn't know anything about the law or give a damn about the Constitution?....


Anonymous said...

I wish the comparisons of Obama to Hitler would stop.

Hitler had more experience.

Then again, Hitler wasn't a German either.


Kristophr said...

Austrians .... the missing link between humans and Italians.

( for some reason that joke wasn't so popular in Germany from 1938 onwards )

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