Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sack of Stuff

Boned Jello


Juice said...

Monsters Inc. Oh, bollocks! :]

.."appears to be increasing especially among young adults in Arcata." Stop the presses! This guy was 31 yrs~ oh, wait....
Where's the freak'n news? Does anyone know the major population of the Eureka/Arcata area? Duh?
Freak'n leftover hippies iz'all. No surprises here, boss.
Except! If a pair of testes appears up in one's tap water, that it. HA. what a bunch of freaks (who prolly voted Obambi).

Anonymous said...

(Insert teabag joke here)

BlogDog said...

At least he's not nuts.

BlogDog said...

No, wait. Better: Maybe he'd just watched Billy Bob 'n' Halle in "Monster's Ball" and didn't understand it.

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