Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Stonewall Holder

Hairy Eric Holder Stories

Boned Jello

In nature, when an animal's hair stands up, it means it's excited, scared or curious.  Whenever I'm confronted by Eric Holder, by word, news clip, or photograph, my arm hair stands at attention,  (I just now took this picture).  I am not excited, trust me.  I'm not even curious. No, animal instinct is warning me that I'm in the presence of danger.  But, that's not what I was going to tell you, just a phenomenon I just noticed.

The Weekly Standard's current cover story is "Gen. ‘Stonewall’ Holder - The Obama Justice Department—most opaque ever?"  The attorney general refuses to disclose the names of those who worked closely on detainee matters before joining the Obama administration. The magazine is using FOIA to get them answered.  Approximately three weeks after the FOIA requests were submitted, Stephanie Logan from DOJ called the WS.

Logan: What detainee facilities are you interested in? 

Weekly Standard: All of them.

Logan: International ones? 

WS: Any of them. Any lawyer who has a conflict with any terrorist matter or issue with any detainee facility.

Logan: Can you list one? 

WS: Bagram.

Logan: Can you spell that? 


Logan: What lawyers? 

WS: All of them.

Logan: That’s kind of broad. 

WS: You can narrow to January 2009 to the present.

Logan: What sort of policies?

WS: Anything having to do with terrorism. Anyone who is recused from or has a conflict. You have a list, I’m sure.

Logan: So you just want a list? 

WS: And all the documents.

Cute, huh?


Chuck Martel said...

You know they're not gonna' get them all. Then WS will have to file suit and some federal magistrate and his clerks are gonna' have to dig through all of the administration's records to see what can be disclosed and what can't.

Then some low-level attorneys in the BHO administration are gonna' get reported for an ethics complaint to their respective bar associations for obstruction of justice.

And WS still won't have the list of names of the attorneys it is looking for.

Steve in Greensboro said...

I don't think Holder is consciously stonewalling. I think he appears to be because he is just that stupid. Just like his boss.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Steve, Holder knows exactly what he's doing. As for Obama, I don't see him stupid, but ignorant about the America he never knew, or vwas a part of, and an abiding mission to destroy that culture.

DougM said...

These are not the lawyers you're looking for.
These aren't the lawyers we're looking for.
He can move along.
Move along. Move along.
Heyyyy ...

(Turing word: barou, as in Aunt?)

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