Saturday, May 22, 2010

Teahers and Judges in NYC

Eek! No boners here boss
Federal judge sides with city teacher Faith Kramer,
who used vulgar terms during lesson on AIDs

Boned Jello

"The words are entirely inappropriate," senior counsel Blanche Greenfield said.

"Their use in a classroom reflects unacceptable and extremely poor judgment by the teacher and is plainly not consistent with community values."

In the 2007 lesson, Kramer asked students at Intermediate School 72 on Staten Island to write down words they used when speaking about sex.

The results was a long list of slang terms, like banana and taco, jugs and family jewels. Some were obscure; a few were in Yiddish.

Parents complained and Kramer was booted from the classroom for eight months and denied a satisfactory rating while educrats investigated.

JFC!  The classroom isn't your dinner table, you stupid twat. Oh well, just makes it easier when I decide to press the blow-every-goddamn-thing-up button. 

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