Monday, May 03, 2010

we all know what a warm year 1934 was.

Catastrophic” retreat of glaciers in Spitsbergen
Posted on May 2, 2010 by Anthony Watts

"Signs that the “warming is not terminating”. Oh, that has to be bad.
I’ve been given a report on glaciers and sea ice in the Arctic that I want to share with readers. There’s some compelling evidence of glacier melting and open water in the Arctic sea in this report that I haven’t seen before. -

Boned Jello

When it comes to climate science, there is basically just one person I pay attention to.  Anthony Watts (Watts Up With That?)  When he gets into the ring with AWG True Believers, like Al Gore, or Gore's science-for-cash  lickspittles, like Michael E. Mann, Watts wins.  Always. He's undefeated.  So, if compelling evidence of glaciers melting has surfaced, then it needs looking at, not that there would be anything we could do about it.  Here's a clip from that report.

Boned Jello

"Well, we all know what a warm year 1934 was."

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Lord Monckton hits one out of the park here:

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