Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Embedded Mahometans



Anonymous said...

So, when do the hanging start?

TimO said...

At the very least: Deportation orders for everyone!!!

Anonymous said...

The fact that they chose to not indict them didn't have nuthin' to do with who's in the White House or who's Attorney Gen'rul, would it? No hell no. A$$holes.

Seriously, CAIR gave participated in a criminal conspiracy, and weren't indicted? Why the HELL not?


Anonymous said...

I find myself believing it, but I will wait for a more credible source than World Net Daily.

Juice said...

heh. :)

HAPPY T-DAY, Roger and family!
also, all ya'alls readers here at C&S.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone - hope you get to enjoy this day with family, friends and some good food.

We should all be thankful the bastards haven't ruined our lives yet!


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