Sunday, May 22, 2011

Banjo Boy

8 Year Old Jonny Mizzone 

Wow! Not all kids are following Hannah Montana or Justin Bieber. I particularly liked the look around the room.


Anonymous said...

One of their other vids, the fiddle player is wearing a coonskin cap! Great stuff, thanks for the link!

bocopro said...

Smiled all the way thru it.


Maybe there IS hope, after all.

Anonymous said...

That, there is what we East Tennesseans call a progid...a prodgee...a real good banjo player!

Chadd in Fl

pdwalker said...



How in hell can they be soooo good at such a young age?


(yes, I'm obviously impressed)

Anonymous said...

Nashville Cats
Been playin' since they's babies
Nashville Cats
Get work before they two.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord! Why am I a music teacher? I should just give up and go back to cutting trees for a living!
I can't even think that fast, and these kids are playing their butts off!
Envious old man

Anonymous said...

They obviously don't waste there time watching television.


cuchieddie said...

God god that was excellent!

SFAOV Sgsaur said...

Reminds me of when I was 8 (when I watched Flatt & Scruggs play on Hee Haw & The Beverly Hillbillies...)

molonlabe28 said...

The talent that these youngsters have is pretty amazing.

They look like fine young men, too.

And, as another East Tennesseean, I can say that they are playing my kind of music.

I hope to see these young men at a concert hall or a bluegrass festival someday.

mostly cajun said...

As I have said a time or two:

"I gotcher "Guitar Hero" right here!"


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