Saturday, May 28, 2011

Food Stamp Lobster

Poor thang. Must have been humiliating.

Food Stamp Lobster

Cuzzin Ricky


Kim said...

You gotta admire the fact that they haven't let their standards slip.

It IS all real food, after all. Much more embarrassing if it was Twinkies and Skittles...

MiketheRadioMan said...

Or liquor and cigarettes.

Darrell said...

Hey Kim, good to see ya! We miss you! There was even a thread asking about you at arfcom today! LOL

Alear said...

Reminds me of my Uncle Bob, who didn't like to work in winter. So he collected food stamps, not sure how, but he really didn't like the gummint and was always getting over on them. My Aunt refused to cash them, so he did. She'd ask him: "Bob, how are we going to explain the three Cadillacs in the driveway if they show up?"

Don't remember if he had a response, but he was the owner of the farm we were always at on weekends. One day, about 12 of us kids were flying kites out there, cool, but gets old quickly. I was just about to invent kite fighting with my brothers, then the most wonderful thing occurred:

Out of the main house come 5 guys, veterans all, who had just been playing poker and drinking whiskey. Shotguns locked and loaded. Those kites died a most glorious death.

So, perhaps that's what Uncle Bob woulda shown to the revenooers.

Anonymous said...

My previous employment required a fair amount of travel. I was involved in an eight week project and the most convenient grocery store was in a poorer side of town. 75% of the time the person in front of me paid with food stamps. 98% percent of the time they were buying soda, chips, ice cream and microwave pizzas with their food stamps. 2% of the time the customer had a coupon for every bag of pasta, bag of beans or bag of rice on the belt. If this system must be in place then nutritional education must be mandatory with food assistance. If they don't want to sit through it they must not need the help. If this system must be in place there must instead be coupons for milk, bread, cheese, pasta or whatever instead of a voucher that can be used for steak, lobster or even Papa Murphy's pizza. If they don't want coupons for specific foodstuffs they probably aren't that hungry. Need someone with the strength or stones enough to tell the dependency class that if they can't fend for themselves they will be provided for, but it will likely not be to their liking or their convenience.


Anonymous said...

Oh, you noticed the 24 pack of Mountain Dew for $33.95?
Yeah, that caught my eye right off. Shameful the markup on sweetened water, no?

Cigs and booze are bought with the under the table cash. Food with the cash card. Of course, the cash card can be sold for ... cash .. at a discount.
Woulde has the right idea, just didn't take it far enough. No finished foods. Flour, oil, beans, rice, lard, baking soda, baking powder, salt, yeast, eggs, milk, just the ingredients needed by someone who can cook. If the recipient can't cook, they may lose some weight until they learn.
Yeah, I'm rude, but Franklin said to make penury so uncomfortable that people decided they don't want to live there any more, and that change would give some the incentive to work. I do not mean to deny anything to those unfortunates who are broken. They need assistance, and deserve it. It is called charity.

Anonymous said...

Actually it is 5 cases of Diet Mountain Dew at $6.79 each - a typical price particularly with the $8 discount. Note that food stamps apparently paid the $12 deposit on the cans too.

Anonymous said...

And I think about when we go grocery shopping. Basics, only. Maybe we will get a 12 pack of generic no sugar pop for an extravigent purchase. Makes me sick. A Military pension and VA disability just goes so far. Our mortgage is up to date, though.
Buzz D

Jason in SD said...

One of the milestones on the path to my awakening was hearing the story of the man who brought a bag of dry dog food to the checkout stand only to be told that he couldn't buy it with food stamps. The man put the bag back and returned to the checkstand with four packages of steak.

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