Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tornado train

Tornado Train (April 2011)

  This is wild. watch the trees in the background. Here is something you do not see too often.  This video came from a fellow who works for the RR as a train dispatcher. Every once in a while he sends a cool video involving trains.  This is one of them.  Trains nowadays mount cameras in their cabs, facing forward and backward, the same way police cars do. This video is a rear-view camera.  This is video of a train that ran through a tornado. First there is the normal rear-view from the last of three engines, with the trees looking normal. Then you begin to see rain, and then, halfway through the video the trees begin to sway violently . . . and then the "fun" begins. - cuzzin ricky


Rodger the Real King of France said...

Well I was disappointed. No conflagration. Not even smoke. Sheesh.

TimO said...

That would be a Hollywood train crash.
Still a pants-changer to think of the power required to do that to a moving loaded train...

Anonymous said...

Seeing that thermos bottle coming at you would create a good deal of pucker

Anonymous said...

Mon Dieu, it reminds me of the old days in the Resistance.


DougM said...

Tanker car.
Tanker car full of flamable death.
Tanker car out of control.
Tanker car being pushed by other cars.
Tanker car approaching with speed.
Tanker car showering sparks.
Ta... *static*
Just day-um! That could'a stung!

Juice said...

Watched the video before reading the post looking for the real vs "creation". Yep. Saw each step of the storm approaching. That was something to behold.

Anonymous said...

Looked like the camera tried to cover it's "eye" with splayed fingers...I'd a hid my eyes too!
I was waiting for the explosion, glad it didn't happen.

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