Friday, May 27, 2011

When bad judges interpret the law

Teh Law According to Garp

Gorp-tard Law

So far, and recently, every challenge to Obamacare has been upheld by Republican judges, but rejected by Democrats.  Ditto Arizona's Illegal  Alien laws. Ditto damn near any social issue brought before the courts. Just now I see that  a Wisconsin 'crat judge, a county judge!  —  Maryann Sumi (the same judge who refused to order striking teachers back to work in February, and whose son is a SEIU activist)  struck down Wisconsin's legislation repealing most collective bargaining for public employees. 

This ladies and gentleman is the picture of a house divided.

Well, not quite.  Only about 30% of us, Democrats all, have managed,  through every trick, connivance and treachery imaginable, to grab enough reins of power to to undermine, or nullify the people's  will.  These scoundrels use our reverence for the law against us, so the ignorant voter feels obliged to suffer along.  The stock answer to this sort of criticism is, always, "yes the system is flawed, but it's still the best in the world." Really?  This is the best we can do? Because it it unquestionably a recipe for (a coming) explosion.

 Our judicial system is corrupt.  What happens when a people despair of getting justice?  That's right, vigilantism.  And it may —  this time —  be a good thing. I'm just saying.  It's my personal opinion, and I hope I am wrong, that necessary changes will not come peaceably.  But they damn near need changing, one way or another.  Say Amen..


Anonymous said...

The real fight is coming soon. Not budget, but getting government out of every part of our lives.
Reduce Fed and State power to regulate and the budget is solved.
Revisit over used commerce clause. Restrict no knock and swat.

Anonymous said...

It's because the rest of us are busy actually WORKING

Anonymous said...

Robert Bork wrote in The Tempting of America, that once one politicized an institution it would no longer serve it's intended purpose, but political interest. I am trying to think of one of our institutions that is no longer politicized? Perhaps still in some ways the military, but I could make a case the other way.


Steve In Tulsa said...

The Fair Tax will strip Washington of a great deal of power.

pdwalker said...

...which is why fair tax has a 0% chance of being implemented.

nope, expect more government, more regulation, more bureaucracy, more restrictions, more poor until things get so bad, that revolution is attempted.

Unfortunately, I don't believe it'll happen until too far in the future, when another couple of generations of useful idiots have been enstupidiated with the progressive education system currently in place.

by that time, most of those who understood what it meant to be free will be a small minority.

it's depressing.

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