Saturday, July 30, 2011

ObamaCare Lawsuit Reaches the Supreme Court

ObamaCare Lawsuit Reaches the Supreme Court

That this is even questionable speaks to the sorry state of the nation. The other nation.  The one before 2008.


Alear said...

At this juncture, I'd be remiss in not asking the important question: Are Hot Dogs as Injurious as Cigarettes?

toadold said...

Well I bought some from the clearance sale section of my local supermarket meat department for my own version of beans and weiners. They pretty much put me down for a day. I was smoking out of one end. Don't trust the sell by date all that much on those things. After it was all over I felt like I had lost a year or two off of my life span.

David said...

Bologna is made up of the stuff they are not allowed to grind into hamburger.

Spam is made from all the stuff they are not allowed to put into bologna.

Hot Dogs are made of all the stuff that they are not allowed to put into spam.

None of that stops me from loving all of them - especially fried.

Alear - cigarettes are awful with mustard, chili, kraut and onions on a bun.

Anonymous said...

I buy the argument that one may only cook well with the best ingredients. Short of penury, I only buy the quality stuff. That doesn't mean expensive, but sometimes you pay a little more to get something a lot better. I don't eat hot dogs, bologna, or spam, but I do make a mean corned beef hash. Of course everything I swallow has a bit of wintergreen longcut in it, since I've mastered the art of keeping my dip in place under all circumstances. The little woman has a complaint with this sometimes.


toadold said...

As out assistant scout troop leader told us. "It takes a real man who can maintain his chaw while smoking his cigar, and then tell his girl, "How about kiss, baaabyee?"

Anonymous said...

Only eat kosher hotdogs. I worked in a kosher meat packing plant as a 16 year old WASP high schooler, and would never dream of eating anything but kosher prepared meats. The goyim use lymph glands in theirs. A lot of cattle have cancer. The Rebbe wouldn't pass those. Kosher hotdogs don't have anything you wouldn't eat on your plate.

Hebrew National or nothing.

Sapo Mal

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