Thursday, May 17, 2012

A nice crowd

A Nice Crowd

So far, Obama has failed to fill a single venue on his 2012 election tour.  Aides say that it was miscommunication, and they've found the answer.  Packed houses from here on!


Anonymous said...

Free (fill in the blank)!

pdwalker said...

They're probably more intelligent than many of the democrat voter base.

brotio said...

Reminds me of when Michael Jackson was still doing stadium tours.

Upper decks at football stadiums aren't usually sold because they're too far away from the stage (there are also often sections of stadiums that are unsellable because of sight-line issues). He hated seeing empty seats, so unsellable seats were covered with scrim, and poor Michael could delude himself that there were 80,000 people at Mile High Stadium, rather than the actual 50,000.

Anonymous said...

Like pdwalker said,,,,Acorn voters.


Anonymous said...

Tim: "... basing"!

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