Sunday, June 03, 2012

Two filthy people

Democrat or Bubonic
Today's Plague Culture
Which of these two will one day regret their shameful indulgence the most?

Res Ipsa Loquitur

I'll go out on a limb and say the kid on the right.  It's obvious that he comes from a good family, and with age can come redemption, and an ability to feel shame.  Maybe he'll read this (below), and have an epiphany about the people he's associating with.  

Unbelievable. The Democrats are looking down the barrel of a humiliating defeat in Wisconsin’s recall election on Tuesday, so today they played their last card: they started a rumor that Scott Walker fathered an illegitimate child 24 years ago. The “scoop” comes from something called the Wisconsin Citizens Media Co-op. The “Co-op” attributes the story to a woman named Bernadette Gillick, who teaches physical therapy at the University of Minnesota. Ms. Gillick claims to have known Walker’s girlfriend (she adamantly denies that Walker is the father of her child)  when they were students at Marquette. The “Co-op” says it has “not been able to independently verify Bernadette’s account.” No surprise there.

Will the Democrats’ last-minute smear have any impact? It is hard to say ... [Democrats Go Over the Top With Last-Minute Walker Smear]

As for the girl?  The betting window is closed.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't find any guys to give her a real pearl necklace?

Anonymous said...

That ungrateful little shit would be walking everywhere he goes if that were my truck.

Sir H the Comet

rickn8or said...

Sir H, maybe he was just trying to keep from getting Dad's truck keyed.

I loaned my son my spare truck, which had a Darwinfish on it. He has to drive it around Knoxville, where there are several Baptists.

Anonymous said...

Possibly, Rick, but life is full of little inconveniences. Nothing personal.....

Sir H

Anonymous said...

Those folks might point and laugh, and maybe say a little prayer for you, Rick, but I doubt they'd key your truck.

rickn8or said...

On second thought RAK, I believe you're right; in the South they DO respect a man's truck.

And they're not known for beheading infidels or apostates, like a rabid Democrat or something.

I humbly apologize.

But I STILL think the kid was trying to cover all the bases, no matter where he parked.

Anonymous said...

Did I ever mention our Lesbo neighbor? She moved from LA to N Idaho after the riots. Took up deer hunting and shooting. Was amazed at first, that her "gay rights/ lesbo" stickers were never disturbed at shooting events but that her car was keyed and the NRA bumper sticker was defaced at a Lesbian & gay meeting...Tolerance...

Kristophr said...


Exactly. You cannot trust democrats.

If you own a business, privately obtain you county's voter reg list, and quietly purge democrats from your payroll.

Your business will run better for doing so.

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