Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Union Fraud Galore in Wisconsin Vote

UPDATE: Fraudulent ballot applications believed found...
 "I'm on one of four [Union) buses from Michigan on the way to vote for Barrett ... "

From students using class schedules to "prove" that they live in Wisconsin (but not who they actually are), to multiple accounts of people being "bused" in, dozens of accounts of Democrat and Union attempts to commit voter fraud in Wisconsin have hit the news. One town even has turnout that was reportedly six times the votes normally cast in a "heavy" participation election- and that was at 10:30 am in the morning.

First is a story from Milwaukee, in which students printed out a piece of paper in order to "prove" their identities. Last Friday, on a High School field trip, two teachers and dozens of students voted "during the early in-person absentee balloting period." To prove their identity, they provided a sheet of paper that simply stated the students' alleged names and what classes they might attend. Their date of birth was confirmed not to be on the schedule. Even worse? Milwaukee's Election Commission director Sue Edmond stated that, even should they find out that the students lied about their DOB or who they were, their votes would not be discounted.

Second, Wisconsin voter John Barrett reported that he voted this morning in the town of Norway. According to him, heavy turnout would be around 300, with low turnout in the 90s. Yet, when he voted early in the morning (at 10:30), he was already vote number 1,794:

, and more horrifying, comes this account from the website Free Republic. A voter went in to cast their ballot, yet was faced with a 25 minute wait. After looking around, this person found out that the hold up was due to "non-medical personnel" demanding that elderly people vote for Tom Barrett. The "helpers" were screaming the f-word at the folks and telling them to defecate on themselves. Eventually, they realized that they were being listened to and chased off the voter. But that was after physically threatening them and breaking their phone.

Finally, there is the account that is burning up the internet, particularly YouTube and Twitter. A caller to the Chris Plante Show witnessed unions illegally busing people from Michigan into Wisconsin in order to vote against Governor Walker. You can listen to the call below: [Pundit Press]

Thank goodness Holder is there, eh?  Since voter fraud is a capital offense (isn't it?), he'll have to execute several thousand union people, poor guy.


Alear said...

Hewitt says: If you win by a big enough margin, they can't cheat. Looks like Walker did just that.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the commie rat bastids! If you win in a landslide they cannot cheat. When all of this comes out - we will have to publicize it of course, they will have been found to have lost by 20-25% or more.


TimO said...

Down here in Southeast Florida, the newspapers and libs were telling the snowbirds to be sure to take absentee ballots back with them when they went home for the summer.

Not that they would vote up there and send absentee ballots back down here.... wink, wink....

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