Tuesday, January 22, 2013

... in the Haycocks

Hiding Biding Time in the Haycocks

Hiding from Obamunists

  There are all kinds of people who think of themselves in the opposition who are trying not to be noticed by
———— right now.  There is a profound amount of fear for ———— and what his government could do and might be inclined to do to people to teach them a lesson.  So it's low-profile city all the way, and let's just sit back. We can't stop it anyway, so let's hope something comes along outside of anybody's control, some event or series of events that wakes people up and rights the ship.  I think that's where people are right now.  Not everybody, but a vast majority. - Rush Limbaugh, talking about ————.


Anonymous said...

As much as I love him, Rush has been thrown off balance by the re-election of Milhous. He sounds despondent now and I can't bear to listen to him.

The 2014 mid terms will be like 2010 only worse for the Dem-Commie party. The Republicans will extend their majority in the House and takeover the Senate. Why? Dem-Commie hubris.

The best thing that could happen between now and November 2014 would be for the Senate to pass gun control, CO2 limits, tax increases, etc. and for those bills to die in the House.

Obama and Reid are just not that smart, not smart enough to avoid that trap.

In the meantime, we are arming.

Steve in Greensboro

Anonymous said...

The problem is, Steve, the Republicans are not smart enough to figure that out. Even if you write an instruction manual for them.

Snackeater said...

Islam is at war with all who disagree with them--either overtly or covertly--and we refuse to fully engage. Or even acknowledge the fact.

Likewise, Progressives are at war with all who disagree with them in this country. And they are very open and in-your-face about it. Not just the Progs in congress and the WH, but those in the T-P media and entertainment. There's no longer even the pretense of objectivity.

But the opposition seems obsessed with playing by the old rules. Well, the rules have changed in Washington, and the longer we ignore that, the more we lose. And I don't know if we can take it back in 2014.

"You can still get gas in Heaven,
And drink in Kingdom come,
In the meantime, I'm cleaning my gun..."

Anonymous said...

Rush nailed it.

After W won reelection, did the REgressives curl up into fetal balls and cry? Eff no, the doubled down on attacking W and his administration. Reid was everywhere calling W a loser and his SS reforms would have granny eating cat food and calling the surge a losing bet. With unemployment under 5%, it was called a jobless economy..and on and on and on.

And from W and our side? Crickets, that's what.

No matter who tries to articulate our side, they're going to get the Chicago Way treatment. So eff it, make yourself a royal pain and get down to fighting these godless commies the way it's got to be done. And that's by being unconcerned about your GD political career and telling the truth. Over and over.

Rand Paul is kinda making noises like that now, what he needs are another couple dozen pols to take some fire too.

I thought Levin's idea of buying a 1/2 hour and laying out the dangers we're facing and some solutions is a great plan. For the millions of LIVs, TV is the only way we're have a chance to get into their thick skulls.

Reagan was bale to overcome a media that hated his guts with his unabashed positiveness about the greatness of America-twice.

Anonymous said...

We are all Kulaks now. -Anymouse


Anonymous said...

MM:I thought Levin's idea of buying a 1/2 hour and laying out the dangers we're facing and some solutions is a great plan. For the millions of LIVs, TV is the only way we're have a chance to get into their thick skulls.

It would be nice if it were effective, but it would not move any of the mush heads. There are too many channels of merde to choose from, so, unless you bought time on every one, the minds you hoped to influence would tune you out.
The only effective way to get their attention is to pull the plug. And that won't happen until it is too late, and the US dollar a poor substitute for toilet paper.
The D's will continue to ply their electorate with free stuff until there is no more money left, on the cuff even, to buy more. The "honey boo boo" families will become aware when the EBT card is declined and the disability check don't show up. The state and federal retirees will only pay attention when their checks are delayed, or substituted with 'vouchers' as in CA when their coffers ran dry, or the payments are reduced because there just isn't enough to make payment in full.
I do not see any other possible sequence of events. People who should have cared, in theory, such as WJC, put party politics above his country when he claimed 'No one could have handles this recession' at the DNC. Clinton and the D party leaders foisted a total left wing liberal on the US, and then use him to spend beyond their wildest dreams. They should be held responsible for the catastrophe they have enabled by their fealty to party power over their oath of office in a lot of cases. They are no longer defending the Constitution from any enemies, and should be called on it. Wish I knew how, as if the rule of law won't work, there is left only the rule of Samuel Colt..

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