Saturday, August 24, 2013

World Enemy #1                               


A MMMM  on 9/11.  WTF?

As seen


  The American Muslim Political Action Committee have organized the Million Muslim March to DC on the twelfth anniversary of the terrorist attack this country on Sept. 11, but has given the event a less inflammatory name, the “Million American March Against Fear,” to raise awareness of the anti-Islamic sentiment against Muslim Americans.
Related -Bikers organize massive counter protest to Million Muslim March

A Million Muslim Flight to DC would perhaps be more fitting.


iri said...

"...but has given the event a less inflammatory name,"

The "We Didn't Do It March"
"It's Bush's Fault March"
"Peaceful People of the Prophet March"
"We Love Everybody, Die Infidel March"

I think they should hold it in Detroit. Most of them wouldn't have to travel overnight and "two birds", you know.

Ralph Gizzip said...

Talk about your target rich environment! Time to gas up the Barn Army B-52.

Anonymous said...

Gotta be careful Ralph, don't wanna hit the bikers!

Anonymous said...

A million Muslims on a flight to D.C.? 2 birds, one stone!
ignore amos

SFAOV Sgsaur said...

Like any other "Million Pointy-headed Liberal Asshat March", about 50 will show up. There will be more media than actual protestors. It's a waste of fuel to use the Buff... A Cessna 152 with a bad cylinder could carry a payload big enough to take them out.

Anonymous said...

I'll be there ; ) > SMIBSID

Emil Nytraht said...

Reckon how long it'll take to get the smell outta the national monuments?

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