Friday, February 21, 2014

The All-American Breakfast

 Merilly says this is what Liberals think we eat for breakfast.

I agree with the critique, with a few exceptions.


Anonymous said...

even you have it wrong. eggs are for topping corned beef hash. otherwise they server no purpose. the proper layering off the side order is fresh pancakes with a heaping serving of corned beef hash, topped with fried eggs. and no whipped cream in the coffee. A&P 8 o'clock coffee in a jumbo mug, black no sugar ( since you get all your sugar from the pancakes ) and bushmills instead of Jamisons...

other than that you were spot on.

Anonymous said...

And the hollowpoints in the pistol are filled with bacon grease.

And out here, red chile, hot, on the bacon and eggs.

Excuse me, I feel a call from my kitchen.


Rodger the Real King of France said...

so, we are in basic agreement.

DougM said...

Perhaps a few minor alterations:
• French roast coffee, two mugs (4cu), black.
• I'm on a low-carb diet, so it's eggs Benedict to hide the bread. 1-1/2 orders, please.
• Oh, okay, it's a special occasion, so hash browns, too.
• What the heck … and buttered cornbread.
• And another mug of coffee, please.
• And, uhm, are you gonna finish your bacon? Ah, thenkewveddymush.
• Rare Breed bourbon chaser (holidays & special occasions after 11am).
• It's dangerous to lay a loaded handgun on the table uncovered by a serviette. Besides a short-barreled shotgun in one's lap is so much more geneel, eh what?

leelu said...

...Tullamore Dew for that breakfast Irish coffee. (Has the 4 major food groups - fats, carbohydrates, caffine and alcohol.)

The rest is just details.

iri said...

Two things; the egg ain't cooked and I see no hot sauce on the table. Other than that, let's eat.

My favortest brefest:

Two eggs scrambled dry, sausage links, bacon, hash browns, biscuits and gravy, OJ with a kicker and black coffee. Then back to bed.

Anonymous said...

There is only ONE breakfast: the Full English, to whit:

- bacon
- two fried eggs (to taste)
- pork sausages (bangers, not that Jimmy Dean muck)
- some other small portion of red meat (e.g. pork chop, lamb chop, kidneys, liver)
- fried tomato (in the bacon drippings)
- Heinz baked beans (not that Bush nonsense, ugh)
- toast
- tea or coffee, to taste.

Accept no substitutes.


Ragin' Dave said...

Behold, the breakfast of the Gods

Just add your Jameson's/Bushmills/insertboozeofchoicehere and I think we can all be happy.

Juice said...

Irish Breakfast. My menu in winter. Nice touch.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Leelu......there is NO substitute for Jameson. And Dave, really...that swill Bushmills? Surely you jest.

Fred Jameson

Anonymous said...

Tullamore Dew, aye. If you must have single malt, Knappogue Castle. Paddy's if you can find it. Dunphy's. Red Breast. Jameson's and Bushmills are fine too, but there are more to try. The Irish are skilled at making uisge, but no match for the Scot in selling it to the Americans.

Jimmy don\'t play that
(captcha = "The Reessef", sounds a bit like an off branded bottle too. Must be the season...)

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