Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Now they're clubbing us seals, so to speak

GREEN NAZIS                                    

By Rick Manning

Get ready America, many of the world’s largest public relations firms are creating a climate change litmus test by asserting that they will not work for companies or organizations that don’t buy the global warming mantra that is being used to destroy the free market system.

What these PR geniuses apparently fail to realize is that by taking this action, any company or group that they currently represent has to be assumed to hold the same global warming position that they so lovingly cling to, making them prime economic boycott targets by those who oppose the climate change agenda.

One wonders if they have already gone to their clients in the energy field and informed them that they will no longer represent them unless they sign a note certifying that they corporately bow to the PR firm’s political beliefs?

This decision opens the door for a new group of public relations firms who aren’t hamstrung by global warming dogma, and the corporate behemoths that currently dominate the landscape will either collapse of their own self-important weight or quietly change their policy
Will they drop representing a company’s interests on real estate matters, because the company supports free market groups that oppose the global warming mantra?

Will they refuse to represent investment groups that have holdings of energy companies that are fighting against the global warming agenda?

Will they force all their employees to sign an oath of fealty to the global climate change gods?

To enforce their edict they would have to do all of these things, but none of them matter.  The market system allows people and companies to make choices about whom they hire to provide public relations advice, and it would be counter to a company’s interest to hire a public relations firm that opposes their core, underlying business.  If corporate decision makers act rationally, they will seek out public relations firms that message to as broad of a group of people as possible rather than limiting themselves to those who mindlessly bleat to the same hype.


More importantly, who's bankrolling this mind altering adventure?  Ahem.  And what do  backers stand to gain?  Ahem.  I don't see this folly going much further than, say, George Soro's desk. 


Skoonj said...

Not every PR firm has joined this group of morons. A firm I once worked for, Edelman (the late, great Tony Blankley also worked for them) has this to say:

The US-based Edelman, which is the world’s largest independently owned PR firm, did not explicitly rule out taking on climate deniers as clients.

“Expanding the dialogue in a constructive manner, and driving productive outcomes to solve energy challenges are the key criteria for evaluating client engagements,” said spokesman Michael Bush.

He said Edelman takes on clients on a case-by-case basis.

Sounds like they are not getting on board this ship of fools.

toadold said...

What makes them think the climate denier firms can't find replacement firms and probably get better results for less money? If they have too they'll go in house or pool money and assets to form up a really big PR firm.
"Their is money to be made here."

Anonymous said...

This is already full bloom in the construction industry, or whats left of it, in the form of LEEDS points. -Anymouse

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