Thursday, September 04, 2014

Obama Looses Union Thugs on Food Industry


Furious fast food workers take to streets for more pay...

'We're a movement now'...

Dozens Arrested At Detroit MCDONALD'S...

On Wednesday morning, SEIU-turned-fast-food-worker spokesman Kendall Fells appeared on Bloomberg Television spouting his SEIU-written rhetoric and making believe that the strikes that are to take place on Thursday in “more than 100″ cities are all part of grassroots uprising for higher wages that started in New York in 2012.
The fact is, Mr. Fells must have ingested too much French-fry grease because he is really full of it.

(United for XXX is what
ACORN is called now  )

In December 2009, the Service Employees International Union concocted a plan to unionize the fast-food industry and shroud their campaign under the veil of a “living wage campaign.”

Use a living wage as a vehicle to excite, build momentum, build worker lists/ID potential leaders and potentially support collective bargaining. We believe that we will have enough traction with an ordinance to use as a legitimate tool for organizing and potentially as legislation to raise standards.

Since 2009, the SEIU has spent tens of millions of dollars devoted to unionizing the fast-food industry.


In effect, what we have here is the Obama Administration spearheading a Union attempt to co-opt America's fast food industry.  It's what they do.


pdwalker said...

All they will accomplish is putting themselves out of a job as automation will become cheaper.

Then they can join the hordes of useful idiots on welfare demanding more free shit.

And they never catch wise.

Tom Smith said...

Mickey D is a client of mine and they already have tested a robot that can crank it out 20 times faster than a union worker. Tick tock.......

Anonymous said...

I found myself pondering this very issue while using the self checkout at WalMart the other day.

Harv said...

Here is the replacement machine.

MAX Redline said...

First we have Fast and Furious. Now, Furious and Fast.

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