Thursday, October 09, 2014

Worst Prisons??

Why in all hell are Rikers Island; the Florence,CO SuperMax, and the Louisiana State Pen included with this lot?


Anonymous said...

For the same reason idiots use the term 'verbal rape' and call people they disagree with 'Nazis'.

Leonard Jones said...

Can you imagine inmates in those other 3rd world crap-
hole prisons willing to sell their souls to get into
the worst prisons in America?

A while back, the citizens of the Soviet Union were asked
to donate sleeping bags that were to be sent to the homeless
in New York. By that time, nobody was buying the BS their
government was selling. One guy took out an ad and
offered to trade his concrete workers flat for a
sleeping bag in New York.

Skoonj said...

Where is Evin Prison, Iran?

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