Thursday, November 13, 2014

Poirot Potty Humor

Humor from unlikely places

Last night I watched a Poirot episode (Hickory Dickory Dock) which I have developed quite a fondness for. 

Poirot invites Inspector Japp to stay with him for a week while his wife is away. He makes his favorite meals for Japp (Lemon Sole and veggie platters, etc) which Japp finds foreign and unsubstantial.  After returning from a potty break, Japp asks what the "foot bath" thing in the bathroom is?  Poirot is embarrassed, and doesn't want to explain what a bidet is used for, especially in front of his secretary Miss Lemon.  Later Japp announces that, voila, he used it to wash his face. 

At the end, Inspector Japp invites Poirot to eat at his house, and makes him an "English" meal with three things and dessert. The meal is mash potatoes, mushy peas, and "faggots" (bits of pork and mixed meat). For dessert he has "spotted dick" pudding.  Poirot says he has a "allergy of the faggot." Japp is disappointed and says "you haven't got a phobia to dick have you?" 

Most of the humor in Poirot mysteries come via Poirot's facial expression to various things, so this was very, even sophomorically over the top.  And speaking of a inappropriate dick...
The Seahawk mascot is clearly guilty here.


Anonymous said...

The guy looks almost like a real king!

Merrily said...

Spotted Dick makes a great gag gift (SEIDT?). Otherwise...gak.

Merrily said...

Oh dear...I should type more often. (SWIDT) is the correct thing to say :-/

Anonymous said...

The Poirots are great, as are the Joan Hickson Miss Marples. You should also try New Tricks, Midsomer Murders, Foyle's War and Vera.


leelu said...

A couple of others to watch are "Waiting For God", "Miss Fisher", "Ripper Street", "Second Sight", "Whitechapel" , "Case Histories", and "second Sight".

I enjoyed all of them, YMMV.

Cheesy said...

That picture makes me think of Sellers as Inspector Clauseau.

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