Thursday, December 04, 2014

Fightin' Tom Harkin's Buh-Bye


Outgoing Progressive Sen. and fake war hero Tom Harkin is another Democrat with buyer's remorse for Obamacare.  No, not because it was an idea that America hates, didn't want, and a major reason why Democrats got their asses kicked last month, and whose seat will be filled by conservative Joni Ernst.  Harkin regrets not doing more to demolish the health-insurance industry, says Ed Morrissey.
Harkin says in retrospect the Democratic-controlled Senate and House should have enacted a single-payer healthcare system or a public option to give the uninsured access to government-run health plans that compete with private insurance companies.

“We had the votes in ’09. We had a huge majority in the House, we had 60 votes in the Senate,” he said.

He believes Congress should have enacted “single-payer right from the get go or at least put a public option would have simplified a lot.”
Progressive Theater of the Absurd Present Production

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