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Christamas, The Run-up

A very busy yesterday, and no posting.  Had to finish the Christmas village I've been doing for 2 3 weeks.  This year I had the genius toinstead of stacking it on a tabletop, as in the last 30 yearsstage the fireplace that we never use.  Why is this genius?  Because; 1) it allows der kinder to play with it; 2) it looks good, and 3); when Christmas is over I replace the black glass fireplace screen, and it's ready for next year.  No packing the Dickens Village away!

We also attended the annul Nutcracker Suite that my 7 yr-old granddaughter had a junior role in. This year my aged three grandson had a walk-on role too.  As usual my mind dances around.  I had a notion to stand up in the aisle and prance about.  So strong was this emotion that had I been the least bit under the influence I'd have done it and ruined forever  my reputation as the staid, wise grampa, father, and husband.  Indeed, I'd have been committed.  Also, I had just watched again the delightful Scrooged, where Bill Murry made
this inappropriate demand
.  So there was that. Anyway, it was great fun and put me in the holiday mood. 

The only downside was the program began at 2 PM, the exact time my Terps tipped off in Stillwater against the Cowboys. But that's why God gave us the DVR, wot? I tried to get Merrily to bet with me, but she was unwilling to accept the consequences of winning, and even less eager to be the loser.  This game was a very important test for us; the first real road game this year, and the bookies made us 9.5 underdogs, even though we are ranked 17, and the Cowboys are not at all.  And, we take very seriously our new responsibility to the B1G and wished to help atone for, well,  these embarrassments.  Turns out it was a piece of cake, and I have finally accepted that this team have the ability to contend nationally.

Eggnog all around!


Anonymous said...

It sounds like a Hap Hap Happy Christmas! (With a hat tip to Clark)

Rodger the Real King of France said...


DougM said...

^ That's super, man!

Anonymous said...

You quote a story that begins by besmirching B1G football on the eve of our disection of those puffed-up assholes of the SEC?


Esteve said...

Won't get to see the Maryland grandkids until after the first of the year. Hoping for snow as a break from the Florida sunshine. Merry Christmas to you and yours and a happy blogging year.

Anonymous said...

Clark Griswold. From his big speech!

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Wrong movie

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