Friday, January 03, 2014

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We're talking GREEN crime here

"We Stand By It as a Theatrical Work"

A Modest Proposal

World's climate warming faster than feared, scientists say
As the planet marked its fourth hottest year on record, a study published in the journal Nature found increasing levels of carbon dioxide will lead to thinner ocean clouds and reduce their cooling impact, causing temperature rises of at least 5.6F (3C) over the course of the century.World's climate warming faster

But, Wait!

New record low set in the coldest city in the continental USA – much of the country headed for a deep freeze

As we begin 2014, it will usher in record cold temperatures. Next week looks quite cold as this forecast for Tuesday shows.Posted on  by 

It has been evident for some time that the mission of 
Warmist  Church bishops is to  give their flock a tool, a crutch, to stave off the mounting number of heretics who think they are plumb stupid; and to create enough doubt among the willing media to keep that grant money—upon which they are kept afloat— flowing into church coffers.  But, this has gone far enough It  has consequences.

Liberals see, always have,  climate change as an opportunity to seize  control of everything.  Obamacare's  one-sixth of the economy is chicken feed by comparison.  I don't need to paint any picture for you; so here's the point.

One of the conflicting climate science groups are obviously wrong.  So what do we know about them? 

Greedy Massive Liars Their claims have been consistently shown to be based on faulty science, and in some cases outright fraud.
Scientific Methodists Can you find an instance where the Anthony Watts contingent of scrupulous scientists have lied, or been shown to fabricate data?

What we have then is a conspiracy that threatens the nation's economy, and even our sovereignty.  It's time for a federal law that designates climate pimping a felony crime, with a mandatory prison sentence.  To that end I will be forwarding this text to my representative (Andy Harris,
the only Republican is the state's delegation), with a request to introduce  the legislation. 

You're welcome.

quelle underpants


When was the last time (approximately) that you bought underpants?  For yourself?

I thought of this on Christmas day after opening my 3-pack from Santa.  My best answer?  Never.  I went through college on mom-bought;  then wearing GI; then a period of going regimental, and finally marriage with a drawer full of old mom bought. Since then my bride buys me a 3-pack every time a pair disintegrates in the washing machine.  Oh, and the question does not apply to gays either, since they're considered eveningwear .