Tuesday, January 27, 2015

After 2199 Days ....

As of right now—today—we have endured 2199 days of this Obama Clown Posse occupation.  This actby Michelleis the first time that either have acted appropriately, or otherwise done anything that would not cause our dead Presidents to rollover in their graves out of embarrassment.


Skoonj said...

I saw that too. I thought she was doing a very good thing. But then I remembered who she is, and that this was an emergency add-on side trip. It's possible she didn't pack her head cover, and decided to make it look like an act of defiance. Oh, and Barack isn't bowing in that picture. Maybe for the very first time they have their act together.

On the other hand, this might e a good time to take another side trip, this one to Israel. They're in the neighborhood, so shy not?

Anonymous said...

The Saud King has laid waste to the only remaining enclave of American prosperity, domestic oil production. Soon rigs will be laid down, Texas and Oklahoma banks will fail, again. "Oh hey look everyone, the silverback and her chimp are acting like people".

Anonymous said...

Which is pretty funny cause that's all Michelle does is rap, rap and rap about nuthin' but crap.
oy vey ole'

Anonymous said...

So why is Michelle's refusal to follow protocol being praised but when Barry followed protocol by bowing (in Japan and Saudi) he wasn't treated the same way.

The left justified his bowing by saying it was proper form but they're defending Michelle for not behaving appropriately. The right lambasted her husband for following tradition but think that Michelle is doing the right thing by ignoring it.
This does not compute.

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