Tuesday, January 06, 2015


 it's what they do

I strolled through Politico's Wuerker gallery of year’s best cartoons without expectation (really).  Took just a minute or so to note a trend re: portrayal of the media' loyal opposition.  What the hell is the point, or even the meaning of any of the samples?  Zactly.  The 'toonists are using agitprop to vilify those who disagree.   Who understands Right Wing Lemming? or the Koch Bros? It doesn't matter; they are evil. It's playing to a stereotype they've created without having to explain and justify.  The Smear.  Obama examples tend to specify the basis for the 'toon; immigration, spending, executive orders, etc. That allows the reader to think in terms of how they feel about the subject instead of creating an icon.  Where have we seen this technique before?



Anonymous said...

Most of those don't even make any sense.

Unknown said...

Lee Judge's rabidly Conservative-hating cartoons appear regularly in the Kansas City (Red) Star; one more reason why that so-called newspaper is beneath contempt.

Anonymous said...

Re the "Koch-snorting" cartoon: Imagine the hue and cry if a cartoon depicted Barack Obama not only snorting cocaine but SELLING it (as he proudly admitted in his "autobiography")!

Ann Hedonia & Sam Paku

Tom Smith said...

Knee slappers if yer 9.

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