Monday, January 05, 2015

Carolina CHEATS

Comuppance on hold

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — North Carolina's flagship public university is trying to fire a senior professor, accepted the resignation of another faculty member and dismissed an academic counselor for athletes for their roles in the fraud scandal that rocked the school, campus officials said Wednesday.

Steps to terminate University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill philosophy professor and former faculty leader Jeanette Boxill started on Oct. 22, the same day that a scathing report into the cheating scandal was released, campus Chancellor Carol Folt said in a statement. Boxill is appealing Folt's decision, information that was released after a lawsuit by The Associated Press and nine other media organizations.

Blah Blah Blah - this has been going in since 2102 [Full]

In 1985 Maryland  hoops star Len Bias died from a cocaine overdose just days after being the Boston Celtics #1 draft pick.  Nightline did a two night special on it.  Lefty Driesell was fired because he was supposed to know about drug usage.  The P.G County prosecutor tried (and failed) to indict Lefty for complicity.  Athletic Director Dick Dull was fired for not making sure that Driesell was monitoring players whose eligibility was used up.  Football coach Bobby Ross was so fed up with MD Chancellor John Slaughter's nincompoopery in the whole affair that he left for Georgia Tech where he won a National Championship.  After Slaughter's hire of HS coach Bob Wade to replace Lefty (on the recommendation of Georgetown coach John Thompson! who once shoved Driesell during a game) proved disastrous, the school  just escaped the death penalty - I am not making that up- Three years  probation because of Wade's transgressions-the most serious of which was paying for a rental car for former player Rudy Archer to attend school in PG County. Three years.   So you see where I'm going with this rant.

2012 University of North Carolina's football and basketball teams are currently being investigated for an academic cheating scandal that grows deeper and deeper encompassing both Roy Williams and Butch Davis. However, the Tar Heels only want to punish the football team. This is a parody video about this farce. And there's the Carolina Refs that the rest of the ACC, and anyone elsewho plays in NC have had to endure.

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Anonymous said...

1965? I know I'm getting old, but the Len Bias who died when I was a freshman in college could not have also done so 4 years before my birth...

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