Friday, January 09, 2015

Palin, Levin have the Conn



Here is the respected pollster Pat Caddell:

The alienation among Republican voters is so high, that a quarter to one-third of the Republican party are hanging by a thread from bolting.

Caddell was asked, “[D]oes the math show you that there could be an uprising and could the GOP go the way of the Whig Party?"

The GOP leadership, the lawyers, the lobbyists, the consultant class of the Republican party, and all the big donors don’t understand that these people are angry. … They are saying that John Boehner doesn’t care about them, and all he cares about is the special interests. I’ve never seen anything like this in the base of a party. And that is why the analogy to the Whigs is not so far-fetched.

If the Republican nominee is an establishment figure, a Bush or a Christie, then he has to face the question of his relationship with GovernorPalin. [The]conservative activists, whose turnout in the 2014 midterms was crucial to the GOP's landslide, are in no mood for what they see as a RINO Establishment candidate.
The Establishment can take up the left's mantra that Palin is irrelevant – or, as Robert Costa advised, "Palin is diminished" – but her 91% endorsement success in the 2012 midterms belies such nonsense.  Palin's endorsement is the prize desperately sought after and the key to success for the likes of Cruz, Fischer, Haley, and many others.  If she asked her millions of followers to follow her out of the GOP, or indicated to them that they would be better off fishing on election day, the effect on the presidential campaign would be massive.  If Levin's huge listener audience (And who knows?  Limbaugh might join in.) were also advised of either path, then it would be foolish to imagine that the few states that the GOP desperately needs to have any chance of victory – and the loss of just one would end their hopes – would not be put out of reach.

The ball is in the Establishment's court – not Palin's or Levin's.  If the Establishment chooses to betray the voters who gave them control of Congress, and chooses to support Obama's amnesty agenda and other liberal policies, then when, not if, the rupture comes, it will be the Establishment's doing.

I wrote that possibly the GOP's best and only chance would be a Palin/Bush (in any combination) ticket, as that would be the only way to heal the breech and keep the party together.  A true conservative Virginia gentleman and strong Palin supporter advised that he is against that "because it is the only thing that will save the GOP, and it is beyond saving."

Such is the plight the Establishment has visited on the party.  They will pay the price if it goes the way of the Whigs.  Perhaps the old gentleman is right. [The Full Monty]

Surprisingly, I find this article heartening.  Well, I guess not surprisingly because I feel the same way.  If a Boehnor establishment Republican tops the 2016 ticket, I will not vote for him. I mean, we've had Obama; what democrat could be worse?  And something else; a Palin, Limbaugh, Levin led movement would I think successfully kill the GOP dead.   Then we can get back on the road to fixing stuff.  USA UAS USA!


Anonymous said...

I really don't think that the weasel, rino, establishment repubics have a clue regarding the extent of the dissatisfaction with the base. Come '16 they will find out though.

They have used and abuse us for so long they have come to think no matter what we will return to the polls, hold our collective noses and send them back again.

I am DONE with them. I am down to one hand of any of them who I will vote for.


Robert Mitchell Jr. said...

Well, I don't have a clue regarding it either. Are you guys NUTS? Things are going great for conservatives, from what I can tell. Gun Control? We're winning. Deficit? We're winning. States? We're winning. Abortion? We're winning. MSM? We're winning. We are winning everything we can, so you guys have to throw a tantrum over the stuff we can't win? You really have 15 Democrat Senators you think are willing to cross the aisle and override Obama's Veto? Really?

True, we have problems. I note they are problems because the "Real Conservatives(TM)" had a tantrum. North Korea? Yep, real problem. HUGE problem. If only they didn't have nukes. Wait, why do they have nukes? Oh, that's right, because Bush Senior was a "RINO", so the "RC(TM)" got in line behind Perot, because how bad could Clinton be? Oh, bad enough to give the Norks a working nuclear reactor, one they used to make nuclear weapons. That bad. "The Debt is huge!" How did that happen? Oh, that's right, the "RC(TM)" through a tantrum (While the Deficit was dropping like a rock, DURING a time of WAR!) over earmarks, and gave control of Congress to the Democrats. How bad could it be? Oh, so Obama increased the Debt more then every President before him combined. That Bad. But it didn't stop there, did it? You guys, and your stupid tantrums, gave the Democrats Absolute Political Power (House, two-thirds, Senate, two-thirds, Presidency), which got us the ACA. Thanks, "Real Conservatives(TM)"! That's ALL you guys, and your idiot tantrums. How's that working out for you? I wouldn't be so angry, if you guys were only hurting yourselves, but I have nieces and nephews who are going to have to live in the wreckage you'all have created. And it keeps happening the same way. Wilson, FDR, LBJ, Carter, Clinton, Obama. "Real Conservatives(TM)" throw a tantrum and either split the party (Bull Moose Party, Reform Party, etc) and give the Democrats absolute power, or pout and stay home and give the Democrats absolute power. Which they use. And then, to top it off, the "Real Conservatives(TM)" blame the RINOs for what THEY have done! Pathetic.

Come up with a new plan, you losers. The "Sit this one out, and Teach Them A Lesson!" isn't working. It has never worked. It's not going to work. And every time you try it, it makes things worse. (Unless you are being paid by the Democrats to help get them elected? That makes a lot more sense then the twaddle you posted......)

Anonymous said...

Time for football hilarity. Don't watch unless you hate Lane Kiffen, and care to see him obscenely abused.


Anonymous said...

"Are you guys Nuts"? - Mitch

You Betcha!

My best advice to you is to to remove your rose colored rnc glasses, get some treatment for your myopia condition, then wake up and smell the destruction. After you remove your head from your rectum, of course. Just for some clarity.

Bottoms Up.


Robert Mitchell Jr. said...

I note I gave plenty of examples of success, which you did not counter, and plenty of examples of failure, which you did not counter. All you have is some vague, undefined "destruction", and a need to smell it. Pretty sure one of us does have his head up his rectum........

Anonymous said...

Robert, you make an excellent case. But how can we keep the media and RINOs from anointing and nominating the Republican candidate?

And remember, even on this site there are those who care more about sports and other trivialities than about our country's survival.

Ann Hedonia & Sam Paku

Anonymous said...

So we nuts should opt for creeping destruction, a death of a thousand cuts via RINOs capitulations, as a huge improvement over the guillotine we get from the Demos?

Screw that. Let's get it on, and have a final apocalypse, and be done with all the arguing and discussion.


Skoonj said...

My voter registration was changed from Republican to no party affiliation a few years ago, and my wife has done the same. If Palin and Levin lead a revolt from the GOP, I'm with them from day one, and for the same reasons everyone here is familiar with. Will we do it in time to stop a Democrat from winning in 2016? No, but if a RINO is nominated by the GOP, the Democrat will win anyway.

What will change though, is that the GOP will really die, and a new party will rise. There will be a bunch of RINOs who will want to be part of the new party, and they will face serious questions.

Palin and Levin are very serious forces in conservative politics today, and rather than heading further into the leftist abyss, Levin's state constitutional convention could actually happen sooner rather than later, and be a major element in curing America of this leftist disease.

Robert Mitchell Jr. said...

The Media's power fades daily, as their lies get uncovered by the Internet the day they are told. Look at how quickly "Rolling Stone"'s lies fell apart......

"RINO's"? What is a RINO, really, other then someone you don't agree with 100%? Democrats are EVIL. Our only hope to stop them is to work together. So either work with the "RINOs", and try to bring them around to you way of thinking with honesty and logic, or stand aside, as many are doing here, and let EVIL win, let the Democrats rape your daughters and sons.

Last, imagine your worst case senario. The Press and the "RINOs" choose our candidate (BOOO!) and he wins. Where is the Republican Detroit? The places the Democrats have a lock on are hellholes. Name a Republican hellhole. Don't you think it odd, that with all those "RINOs" out there, all those "Really, they're Democrats", there are no "RINO" hellholes? What's up with that? Until you figure that out, it would appear that the worse Republican is better then the best Democrat......

Robert Mitchell Jr. said...

You first, JD. You can slit your throat, have a "Final Apocalypse", any time you want........

Seriously, though, what kind of loser preaches giving up? If we are "Doooomed!", as you imply, then why are you bothering? Why aren't you packing, to move to the country which is doing it right? No one's stopping you. This is just sad.....

Yes, here in the real world, there is no such thing as "Perfect". You can either deal with an endless amount of paper cuts, fixing and healing as they happen, or you can go to the Guillotine, because you are too much a coward to stand up like a man and live.

Unknown said...

Skoonj, a "Constitutional Convention" is nuts. "No, no" say the Democrats, "Don't throw us into that Briar Patch!". The Democrats do their dirtiest work using faceless, unelected, unaccountable committees. I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure the Democrats, Unholy Totalitarian Hive-mind that they are, would take over, while the Conservative side discusses and fights over what "Conservative" means..... We have been digging out of the hole Wilson and FDR put us in for almost a century now, and you want to give them the whole ball of wax, now, when we are winning?

Robert Mitchell Jr. said...

Sorry, wrong button, that last post was mine as well.......

Skoonj said...

Sayeth Robert, voice of the RINOcracy.

Skoonj said...

Sayeth Robert, voice of the RINOcracy.

Tom Smith said...

Funny Casca.........from a Tide fan.

Fight in the primary for the most conservative and do the same in the election. Palin and Levin wont sit one out.

Robert Mitchell Jr. said...

I note, Skoonj, you seem unable to argue with any of my actual points. Just an emotional reaction. How like a Democrat.... A RINO is you?

Robert Mitchell Jr. said...

Darn right Mr. Smith! They know how to win, in the system. Look at how much Palin did in Alaska. Brought an end to the corrupt oligarchy that was running the state, as opposed to the "Real Conservative(TM)" solution of "Let It Burn!"(Still waiting for an example of that working......).

Skoonj said...

Robert, it's the same nonsense you've posted here before. I don't care to write a freeking book to refute your nonsense.

Ed "FishStyx" Hamilton said...

Mr. Mitchell is correct.
Rolling over is NOT an option.
If for no other reason than "It will never turn out as well as you'd hoped and it can always turn out worse than you'd feared."
There may be the chance that they'll hang me in the end, but I'm sure as Hell not going to hand them the rope!
Also, keep in mind: A 3rd-party ONLY works if it is GUARANTEED to have a majority over both of the other parties COMBINED. I am fairly certain that there enough dyed-in-the-wool Republicans™ that would stay with that party to keep a majority from happening.
No thanks! I'll keep fighting and hope that you all will as well. Please keep in mind: It's not just US who will suffer if we fold. It is our friends, families, children, the world-at-large (in the long run).

As I said before, "Live for the fight, not the parade."
Keep swinging.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Rubbish Robert.

"Gun Control? We're winning. Deficit? We're winning (???). States? We're winning (???). Abortion? We're winning. MSM? We're winning. We are winning everything we can .... "

Gun Control and Abortion are fundamentally rejected across party lines. If the GOP thought there was something to be gained politically by joining the the 'crat antis, they would. I'm at a complete loss on your other points.

Here's the bottom line. Speaker Boner is a liar. Tell me is isn't.

Tom Smith said...

He is a liar. He lies to stay in a power. A better man would have resigned when he saw most wanted a change. That said we still get to chose the candidate to some degree.

Anonymous said...

I won't quit, nor go 3rd party. Either is suicide at this time; the numbers for either option are not there.
OTOH, I will not give one dime to the GOP and have told them so and why. I give directly to individual candidates. It took us ~100 years to get where we are and I don't expect to recover in my lifetime, but 12+ generations of my ancestors worked too hard and risked too much for me to quit. I owe them for the gift they gave me and just can't sit home and do nothing.
That said, Boner's weeping at the idea of shutting down a little piece of the government, thinking a 1600 page bill, unread and undebated, is a "good bill" says to me he's too dumb and/or malign to be Speaker or even call himself a Representative of The People.
Robert Mitchell, while I agree the current wad of 'Republicans' is way better than the Dems by a long shot, I can't share your Pollyanna outlook for how good things are. Compared to what? An unfettered Uhbama? Sure, I'll give you that, but 'Republicans' gave us and failed to repeal the EPA, Energy, Education, all of which drain resources, don't perform and enstupidate and indoctrinate the young who will have to carry on the fight when we are gone.
We must steer the Repubs back to the Constitution, and I think the only way is Levin's Convention of the States.
That means we must work hard on local levels to turn state legislatures and governors to champions of the Constitution.
The biggest thing this Convention can do is term limit all Federal officials, including judges.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Skoonj said...

" a "Constitutional Convention" is nuts."

Nuts? Care to explain that remark? Mark Levin wrote a powerful book on that very subject, entitled "The Liberty Amendments". In it, he takes your predictable, RINOesque arguments, and demolishes them.

Robert Mitchell Jr. said...

Hello, Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick. First, as to the 1600 page bill, alas, it is a good bill. I know it's not ideal, but the Democrats have shown they will not act in good faith, and the "Real Conservatives(TM)" will support the Republicans when push comes to shove (Note how quickly they forgot the last "Shutdown".....). How many years has it been since we had a budget? Boehner did well with what he had to work with. Note, for all the frothing, no one has brought up an alternative......

Better then under Wilson. Better then under FDR. Better then under Kennedy. Better then under Carter. Better then Pornstar. Memories are short. Things were BAD under Carter. And that's just America. So much better then the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, etc, etc, etc. That's what the Democrats are aiming for (See :Detroit), and the Republicans stopped them. And no. Republicans (Nixon) did give us the EPA, but all the rest of that was the Democrats. And blaming them for "failing to repeal" them is, um, overreaching. When have we EVER repealed a Department? The Constitution, our system, is designed in such a fashion that a dedicated minority can stop most everything. The Democrats did most of their damage when they had HUGE majorities (See the ACA), and repealing them will require HUGE majorities on the Republican side. Numbers they have not seen since the Civil War. What you want? You cannot have until you and the "Real Conservatives(TM)" stop pouting, get off your asses, and get us the numbers the Constitution requires for the Changes you demand!

Really? What part of the Constitution have the Republicans not been following? They follow all of it, and faithfully. I can think of many judges who need to be removed, but, again, what 15 Democrat Senators do you think would cross the aisle to stand with the Constitution? Takes Two-Thirds to impeach......

Term limits? Good lord, no. Worse thing that happened to the Presidency (Thanks FDR!) was turning the informal "two term" rule into a formal part of the Constitution. You guys were so happy with this "lame duck" session, let's make the permanent government more powerful give more power to the unelected staffies, and make EVERY session a "lame duck" one. Yea, that'll help.......

Anonymous said...

no one has brought up an alternative Last time I looked, the Capitol switchboard was choked up with people urging Boner to send individual funding bills, department by department, or an omnibus CR just until Feb 2015, but no, he had to give His Lordship a check good until Sept 15, enough time to get driver's licenses and voter registration for 5 million alien invaders.
You guys, and your stupid tantrums Who you callin stupid? Tantrum? I haven't missed voting in 50 years, and that one miss was because I was in the Army then and didn't get an absentee ballot.
the Deficit was dropping Maybe, but not the DEBT. We didn't pay one dime on the principal. It went up. It's 18 trillion and still rising.
stop pouting, get off your asses I do what I can at my age. In 2013 for our Virginia election, I knocked on 288 doors to get out the vote in my district. In 2014, I knocked on 244 doors in my district. We dumped Eric Cantor in that primary. Last Nov, I made hundreds of phone calls to other districts. I'm old and half crippled, but I won't quit.

Mr. Mitchell, what exactly do you do to help establish responsible government? And exactly what would you have us do?

I agree with Rodger. Boehner is a liar. So is Mitch McConnell. He had the gall to send money to get out the Democrat vote in Missippi this past spring. That's a Republican? Not in my book.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Robert Mitchell Jr. said...

Here, I think, is a good essay on Boehner. I think the core problem is people want Mr. Boehner to act like a President. He's not, and that's a good thing, because that's not his job.....

"Last I looked". Again The Democrats had control of the Senate (Lame duck session, remember?). He had to get all those plans through them. (good luck with that!)

"Who am I calling stupid?" Uhm, the people like Geo, and JD, who have given up and want to see the world burn. Sorry, thought it was clear I was talking about them.......

"Stop pouting" Again, not talking to you and yours on that one, talking the the Geo's and JD's of the world, who have given up, and want to see the Commies win, because then Utopia!

What would I have you do? Simple. We should keep doing what we are doing. Vote Republican. We just had a HUGE victory! What's up with all the despair? We are winning! There are things we can't do yet, we don't have the numbers for, yet, but we are getting closer. This is not the time to stay home and let the Democrats have their way, AGAIN.

And, hey, anyone willing to risk the IRS or the "Justice" department destroying them by standing with us is a Republican in my book. We need two-thirds. Two-thirds. You want Federal Judges to be held accountable? Two-thirds. You want departments removed (Reagan couldn't even get rid of the NEA, sigh)? Two-thirds. You want a return to Constitutional Government, an End to the "Civil Service"? Two-Thirds. No is not the time to look for heretics to burn......

Anonymous said...

Well it may be true that conservatives are doing fairly well. Considering the "leadership" of Boner, McConnell and all those sumbitches they call friends on the Donk side of the aisle, it's flat out amazing.

But the object is not to do fairly well. They were doing fairly well on the Titanic for a while, too. No, the great object is to prevail and restore a legitimate constitutional government. Consider how much BETTER we'd be doing if those dead elephants in leadership of The Stupid Party were genuine conservatives.

Sir H the Comet
Flipping the bird at faux conservatives since 1953.

Anonymous said...

So those who really want to change should run as democrats. Why vote for republicans (democrat light) when you can vote for a democrat? Run as demo, act as Constitutionalist.

Steve in Greensboro said...

If the Republicans nominate another RINO in 2016, a Democrat will hold the White House until January 2025. By RINO, I mean Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Mitt Romney -- anybody favored by the GOPe.

I'll vote for the Republican in 2016. I even voted for that welfare-warfare madman, John McCain in 2008, so you know its true.

Ted Cruz, Scott Walker maybe we have a chance.

But if both parties run candidates that are in favor of socialized medicine, open borders, massive deficits and bigger government, then many conservatives won't vote. And Mr. Mitchell haranguing them, however right he may be, won't change their minds.

Robert Mitchell Jr. said...

Anonymous, How, exactly, to you plan to "Restore a legitimate Constitutional government"? Wishing doesn't make it so. Is this the issue? Do you guys really think John Boehner has magic powers? Cause according to the Constitution I have read, it takes two thirds of the Senators to override Obama's veto. So, we need about fifteen Democrat Senators to cross the aisle and stand with us. Name names. Who are this Democrats, that love America more then power, more then Murder, more then Infanticide? Cause I sure as heck can't think of any. Until you have those names, maybe, just maybe, the Republicans are doing what they can with what they have. Again, the deficit has dropped 5 years straight. Gun Rights have never been stronger, despite the Democrats trying to use various messes to emotionally blackmail the country. The Democrats are on the defensive on Abortion (Remember Abortion Barbie's claim to fame in Texas? Yeah, "winning"). Note that there were no "Gas lines", despite JimmyII's best attempts to make. So what do you think the Constitution allows the Minority party (which we have been until a few days ago) to do? What do you think the Constitution allows the Majority to do, if they don't have the votes to override a veto? And I know you guys are upset over immigration, but the Constitution Obama the power to do that. Section Two, Article Two. The "Holding our breath until we get "Real Conservatives(TM)" has been tried since the days of FDR. It hasn't worked, and has been very helpful to the Democrats. Please, please, a new tactic.....

Anonymous said...

Sheppard touches on it, but it needs to be expanded - specifically by Palin and Levin and, hopefully, Limbaugh - that salvation lies in the states, not in Washington.

30 years ago a measure was introduced in the Coloradu legislature for CO to retain all federal gas taxes collected because CO was sending dollars to DC and getting pennies back. Didn't go anywhere, and CO's too blue now for a repeat, but I can think of several states where it might be possible.

If the state structure strengthens, other than the very few limited Constitutional functions of the fed dot gov, what do they need DC for? If all existing taxes, including federal, were retained by 20-25 states, and those states "purchased" selected functions from DC with those monies, what would be DC's option? Have the US army invade Louisiana or Iowa?

scottW said...

Ahhhh...."Gun control, abortion, etc....are going great" THIS , when it does happen is on the State and local level....Not on the federal level. In regards to Gun control, if there was a chance that it could be passed in the dead of night with no one knowing and no list of who voted for it, would be done in a heartbeat....Abortion, still no laws passed or attempted to be passed outlawing it by either party....Budget, the one's brought forth are still loaded with pork....Amnesty, not a chance in hell that either party will try to stop it (millions of new voters to absorb) - in fact I look for them to try to sweeten the pot...Debt and deficit, the majority up there could care less, it's all about the money....and don't try to push that garbage about term limits -- get rid of the career politicians because that is where most of our problems lie. I left the gop years ago, but still kept up some hope that they could change...then fast and furious, the irs, scandal after scandal showing blatant disregard for the laws of this nation...and what do we get? congressional committees that do nothing but put their faces on the tv supposedly putting up the good fight but in reality was nothing more than a dog and pony show....

Rodger the Real King of France said...

I'll say this for you Robert Mitchell Jr; you do know how to rile a crowd. Carry on.

Anonymous said...

""Who am I calling stupid?" Uhm, the people like Geo, and JD, who have given up and want to see the world burn. Sorry, thought it was clear I was talking about them......." - Mitch

You really are a pretentious, delusional, ass. That I'll have to hand you.

You don't know me, who I am, what I've done and evidently not a clue as to what I'm referring too. Nowhere in my original post did I say I have given up. I am merely stating the obvious dissatisfaction within the repubic party. That the establishment doesn't seem to be aware of. . . mainly because they keep getting their asses kicked by dems and keep doing stupid shit.

I put 24 years in the Military quit, surrender and given up is not part of my resume or vocabulary. I'll spot you and ten of you bff's a stack of maps, some compasses, a six foot stack of National Geographic and twenty four hours. None of you could find spots that I was dropped into in the middle of the night and walked my way out of.

The republican party has lost it's way, whether you realize it or not. Local and State accomplishments aren't going to save us, as long as the idiots at the Fed level keep ramming shit down our throats. Even you should be able to realize that. The party needs cleansing, it's happen before and is required again. The last time worked out very well.

The Rockefeller/progressive wing of the party has never served any real purpose and have only contributed to the demise of the country by a thousand cuts. A demise that I refuse to partake in and will fight tooth and nail to stop.

If I were you, I'd return to my original suggestions for you in my top post. After reading the screed you've posted, God knows it couldn't hurt.


Anonymous said...

Robert W Mitchell Jr, I will not attempt to refute your numerous "statements" other than to say you view the world through rose colored glasses. Your good intentions, while admirable, are misguided in the extreme. There is NOTHING good going on in DC or in most of this country. The WOE IS ME mentality you allude to is indeed very real and indicative of much of the electorate on BOTH sides of the fence.

I don't subscribe to the woe but am extremely tired of taking it up the ass over and over due to promises and good intentions. Obamacare - in the abstract is laudable and is based on good intentions but, extremely poorly executed and thought out. That is the problem with ALL that socialists do - they have good intentions but, cannot plan or execute worth a tinkers damn.

I like optimism as much as the next guy but, it must be based on some semblance of reality. Your assertions that things are going well are pie in the sky at best and outright dangerous or even treasonous at worst. We MUST look at reality and see that the current crop of dhimmies in DC and many state capitals do not represent the majority of the population - either in mindset or practice. Abortion, immigration, gun rights are just a few of the hot button issues of late and none of these are truly going "well". There are still thousands of illegal, immoral abortions - some of which are paid for by our wonderful largesse. There are millions of illegal immigrants infecting us and depleting our resources providing little in return. Guns continue to be under attack on many fronts and that does not appear to be abating.

Cogent arguments, based on verifiable, undisputed FACTS are scarce as hens teeth. The left has many smooth talking word whores that can turn a phrase and sound so purty as to make the rabble believe their lies. Obama is one of these liars and until now, the media was able to completely fool most of the people most of the time. That blanket okey dokey is now falling apart and it is about time. This is however, too little possibly too late. The amount of inertia we encounter in trying to right the wrongs of the last 100 years are huge and the evil motherfu@(#$s in these positions of authority and power have the keys to the kingdom. I am not convinced we have either the balls or wherewithall to overcome this. Robert, you seem to think we can but, offer nothing to convince me. I only believe what I can verify and I cannot verify "it is getting better" when the entire world is turning to evil and "feel-good" mindsets.

Please convince me I am wrong because I don't want to keep thinking that our way of life is one generation from extinction.


Leonard Jones said...

We are ONLY doomed in one sense: The minute Republicans
started to suffer Bush Derangement Syndrome, THAT is when
we became doomed!

The pervert Bill Clinton and president Ofuckup
would never have been elected were it not for the fact
that MILLIONS of single issue morons sat out the
elections allowing these socialist libtards to win!

Really, can anyone honestly tell me that GHW Bush,
Robert Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney would not
be preferable to two new left communist radicals?

The people who deserve the blame are the pessimistic
assholes on our side that rejected 3 genuine war heroes and a successful businessman.
They are the people we need to thank for Slick Willie
and Obonzo!

We have met the enemy and they is us! Short sighted
dickheads on our side gave us the two most corrupt
administrations in American history. Fuck you
vary much!

scottW said...

"Really, can anyone honestly tell me that GHW Bush,
Robert Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney would not
be preferable to two new left communist radicals?"..... And you think that any of the above would actually move this Country back to where it needs to be? It's not the fault of the short sighted dickheads who have put us in this mess -- It's fuckers like you who toe the party line no matter what and are willing to change your morals and values at the drop of a hat....and to answer your question; Yes - at least with the communist I know who the enemy is and can see it coming; with the likes of McCain, Romney, etc I would have to keep looking over my shoulder for the knife while they are shaking my hand.....

Leonard Jones said...

OK Scott, you tell me how in the world you can serve
the cause of limited government and civil liberties by
GUARANTYING the transformation of America into a one
party socialist state?

I am fine with the idea of destroying the Republican
party, but what do you suggest we replace it with? You
siphon off 10% of the Republican vote in the next
presidential election, and you will see a third
Alinskyite radical communist in the White House!

None of the men I mentioned would have raised taxes,
doubled the debt from Washington to Bush 43, abused
executive powers, etc.

This whole insane movement began with people getting
hysterical over some bullshit straw man argument
about George W. Bush and "Amnesty." Here is a
news flash: All of those people would have respected
the limitations on executive power so your anger is
misplaced! I learned the lessons on separations of power
in my 3rd grade civics class back in 1964 I guessed
you missed that class.

Your beef is with congress, but you don't vote so
you are still a part of the problem and not the

PS look forward to seeing the Democrats toss in
another phony populist like Ross Perot to siphon off
the votes from the conservative candidate in 2016. I fully
expect a lot people like you to fall for that trick
a second time!

scottW said...

Good Lord man...Allright - I will go with it. If you do not think any of the men mentioned in your prior comments , or any of the so called repub front runners for 2016 would hesitate for one minute to raise taxes you are high....Just like with amnesty - they are and will back it to the fullest...And in regards to abuse of executive powers, give me a $%^&ing break. What it comes down to is that people like you can't seem to get your head out of your ass long enough to see that there is not a dimes worth of difference between the two party's. You bite on the " a vote for a third party is a wasted vote" hook, line, and sinker every time...and it does not take a civic's class for me to figure out who the dupe is in this discussion........

Leonard Jones said...

Scott, please try and understand that the reason the
Horny Hick from Arkansas and the communist agitator
were elected was due to poor turnout on our side, not
Democrat turnout. Do not get me wrong, I too am a
disaffected conservative, but I realize the ONLY way
out of this mess is to elect genuine conservatives
to both houses of the legislature.

Aiding in the election of Marxist radicals is a piss-
poor strategy if one wants a return to sanity and
limited government. I knew we were in trouble when
I heard an interview of Michelle Malkin a few years ago.
She made it clear she intended to destroy the GOP if
she had to in order to get her way. When the inter-
viewer asked what if she got all that she asked for,
She responded that she would still want to destroy the GOP.

This is more insane that the radical left!

People like you are the ones pushing us
towards a one party state.

Anonymous said...

You can call me stupid all you like, Mr. Mitchell. And I already live in the country.

I am a Marine, 0331, 1969 Vietnam veteran. I do not advocate committing suicide. I do advocate a battle to determine our nation's progress, rather than participate in its slow deterioration by electing people who refuse to stand up for the things they claimed to stand for in order to get elected.

Eat me, Mitchell.

scottW said...

"Scott, please try and understand that the reason the
Horny Hick from Arkansas and the communist agitator
were elected was due to poor turnout on our side, not
Democrat turnout."

Bullshit ,,,It was because of who the GOP nominated to run against them, which in turn caused the "low" voter turnout....You and your ilk need to understand that there are a large voting block (and getting larger each election) who are not going to put up with so called GOP nominees who espouse conservative values only when they are in front of a camera, but once elected move to the left. I did not choose nor want this - it was forced upon me by so called conservatives like yourself whose blind allegiance to the GOP allow them to keep putting forth faux conservatives with faux conservative values......

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