Monday, January 19, 2015

The Pope and AGW

Just My Opinion

Pope Francis I: First Jesuit Pope Shatters Centuries Of Mistrust
Father Thomas Reese, a Jesuit and former editor in chief of the order's weekly magazine America, told CNN in 2005 that  the word "Jesuit" had become synonymous through the centuries with scheming, and that their very reputation as the most free-thinking of Catholics had made them suspect in the eyes of the church hierarchy.

Pope removes Cardinal Burke from Vatican post
A prominent devotee of the traditional liturgy and outspoken defender of traditional doctrine on controversial moral issues, Burke had appeared increasingly out of step with the current pontificate.

Obama finds an ally on political controversies at the Vatican
President Obama increasingly is finding a key policy ally in the Vatican, with Pope Francis standing virtually shoulder to shoulder with the White House on income inequality and a historic diplomatic reboot with communist Cuba. The pontiff next year also appears poised to offer greater support to the president on climate change initiatives and reportedly wants to be a leading voice at a U.N. global warming summit next year, where the American president will make perhaps his greatest pitch to date for more dramatic action on the environment.

Papal Text Says Man Betrays God by Destroying the Environment
MANILA — Pope Francis waded into the global debate on climate change and the environment on Sunday, saying in the text of a speech that man was destroying nature and betraying God's calling to be stewards of creation.

I think my aversion to Jesuits has much to do with my casual acquaintance with those who've served in South America.  My general view (bias) is that, from Mexico south, the predominantly Spanish SA governments are among the most corrupt and cruelest in our hemisphere, if not the world.  For that reason Jesuits serving there have become militant in efforts to protect their flocks, and that militancy manifests itself politically.  Okay.  But, simply put, that mindset ought not include North America, the cradle of worldwide democracy and freedom.   I think I see some of that attitude in Pope Francis (via Argentina).

 Moving on then.  It's my nature to look to tradition when it comes to institutions.  I am a strict constitutionalist politically.  I side with Cardinal Burke's  resistance to  some of  Pope Francis's attempts to "modernize" Catholic doctrine. Also, there's  Francis's ascendancy after Pope Benedict's unprecedented resignation.  Resignation.  Made me wary.   But nothing has concerned me more than Francis's  recent, as reported by the New York Times lobby, dalliance with Brock Obama.  I have no real problem with his lobbying Il Douchebag on the Cuba issue.  I do have a major problem with him embracingin a possible quid pro quo imprimaturman caused (AGW) global warming.  The incontrovertible facts are:
  • Obama is a liar.  Obama is a proponent for, and long time facilitator of infanticide.  Obama is the nearest thing to an Augusto Pinochet or Hugo Chávez dictator that El Norte have known.  He ought, on those points alone, have earned the Pope's enmity.  There's more. The entire "climate movement" is manifestly a leftist operation designed to establish one world government, and bring the United States into economic equilibrium. And!, every pseudo-scientific pronouncement, study, white paper, or law passed on man caused climate change, over the past 50 years, has been systematically shown to be fabricated.  Lies. Every diligently scientific study extant agrees. 
So.  AGW climatists are liars.  Obama is a liar.  The American left are liars.  If it's true that Pope Francis has indeed signed on to using AGW climate change as an instrument to achieve social change, then he too would be a liar.  Yes, he is still  Vicarius Christi, but we've had bad Popes before.  A Pope's infallibility extends only to proclamations of doctrine of faith or morals.  He hasn't crossed that line. Pray he does not. Because if he does, he would be an illegitimate pope. IMO.


Kauf Buch said...

Since this Pope IS a Leftist
("protecting his flock" can be interpreted many, MANY ways...
...especially when South American corruption and indoctrination
are taken into consideration),
WHY should it be a "shock! SHOCK!" that he aligns with the worldly despotic leaders?

I pray this Pope GOES TO H*LL,
and sooner than later;
the better it would be for the rest of the world.

Helly said...

You need a larger framework to understand Fran's attraction to Barry. Totalitarians of all stripes are shocked to learn that the wealth of the world's poorest 50% has tripled in the 21st Century. This distribution of wealth is trending upward and quickly getting out of hand.

Drilling bans, transportation blockades, energy rationing, and carbon taxation are effective ways to keep the peasants down. Isn't that what popes are for?

Anonymous said...

"Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's."
Francis is out of bounds.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

DougM said...

I hear ya, Rodge.
But the danger is not from any church's or any Pope's particular doctrine or issue, since personal religion is nobody else's danged business, in my mind.
The danger is from freedom-crushing theocracy and theocratic tendencies (i.e. totalitarianism).
The Reformation and The First Amendment addressed that.
Communism and fascism were 20thC forms of that (state-worshipers).
Islam is a 21stC version.
Last thing I want to see is for the RCC to become another bunch'a politicized, individual-freedom-trampling "true believers" seeking to govern the World … for the "greater good," of course.
(Heck, some'a my best website friends are Catholics.)

Anonymous said...

The Ayatollah Obama has an ally in the Vatican? That is surely going to piss off all the crazies in the Islamist communities.


Unknown said...

A friend writes:

First of all: Whatever the Pope says/doesn't say in his new 'Encyclical', it's not dogma. It's certainly stupid that His Holiness is even writing an encyclical on climate change. His very recognition elevates it beyond what it should be, unless of course he's writing it to condemn the pantheistic thrust of so-called 'climate change'.

We can hope anyway.

There are in fact 2 Roman Catholic churches. There's us, the conservative Latin Rite Church. We're ruled by Tradition and Dogma. No Pope, ever, can change Catholic teaching. He doesn't have the power. There's no: Divorce, birth-control, abortion, homosexual marriage,receiving/giving 'body parts', etc.

Then there's the post-Vatican-II Church. These 'Catholics' couldn't care less what the Church teaches, because they're led by priests who've come out of homosexual 'seminaries', think Holy Mass is open to their interpretation, give 'annulments' as if they're civil divorces, OK birth control, abortion, and even 'marry' homosexuals.

Whatever Francis writes or doesn't write: The psycho Church will go on as before, unfortunately. And we will ask our holy priests-as I did today, in Confession, on a point of Church teaching-what we are to do. OUR FSSP seminaries don't have any homosexual teachings, our priests wear the habit as do our nuns, and they are holy, holy men whose celibate consecrated lives exist only to be sure that we all go to Heaven.

bocopro said...

Youse guys are aware, I'm sure, that St. Malachy (as well as Nostradamus) predicted that this pope will be the 8th, or final, pope as declared in Revelation.

According to Malachy, he will usher in the destruction of Rome and the death of the church, causing Yahushua to return to set up Judgment Day . . . and THAT means that those who have not already repented and asked absolution are no longer eligible.

As for me personally, I don't invest much credence in Nostradamus and Cayce and the Delphic Oracle, but some of that stuff is interesting reading. 'Course so are some of the theories about ancient aliens.

Libraries used to have sections on reference, fiction, myth, romance, and so on. Wonder if they still do.

rickn8or said...

...Jesuits serving there have become militant in efforts to protect their flocks...]

Shepards do not tend their flocks for the benefit of the sheep.

Wabano said...

That's the previous Uruguay's president that said: "Arhenteenos son todos ladrones"...That include the present pope...

Anonymous said...

"Obama is the nearest thing to an Augusto Pinochet..."

From the Pinochet wiki: "His government implemented an economic model that had three main objectives: economic liberalization, privatization of state owned companies, and stabilization of inflation."

Compared to Obama, Pinochet was a libertarian pansy.

Anonymous said...

…Whereas Obama's economic model calls for the destruction of the middle class and exponential increase in those dependent on the government dole (facilitated by implementation of the Cloward-Piven Strategy).

Not to mention his model for fanning the flames of racial division…

We think his real hero and role model is Robert Mugabe.
Ann Hedonia & Sam Paku

HMS Defiant said...

Not a pope, an anti-pope. There is, after all, a living pope. When's the last time that happened? Who was it? Outcome?

It was pure politics and hell on earth.

I can live very well without this vile pope.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

10 minutes after I posted this yesterday I damn near passed out from a dizzy spell. MoSup said blood sugar. I dunno. Still, I stand my ground.

molonlabe28 said...

The jury on Francis is out with me, and I don't like some of what I see.

To me, the Church is usually wrong on political matters and correct on religious issues.

Francis' venturing out into this type of nonsense is very disturbing if it's true.

I don't want to see the Church sign onto some UN garbage.

Anonymous said...

I read this morning in the local dead fish wrapper that the Pope said that Catholics should not breed like rabbits. This from a guy who has likely never had sex, except possibly (key word here is "possibly") with young boys. Therefore, that makes him the all-knowing lord high authority on such matters.


Anonymous said...

After the Prayer Breakfast dumb speak, my wife has come to believe that Obama is the anti-Christ of Revelations.

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