Friday, October 02, 2015

Gee Dad - It's a Muslum


Anonymous said...

Prolly was one of the 94,610,000 that wasn't in the workforce.

Anonymous said...

Obama made an "emotional" appeal for Congress to pass the magic gun control bill that he seems to think exists somewhere. He would be much better off asking Congress and the States to reform the horrible mental health system where the only treatment for the mentally ill is to wait for them to commit a crime, shoot them up with Haldol, turning them into drooling idiots for a couple days, and then release them. This happened to someone I know who threatened the mental health administrators because he had gone there repeatedly jumping through hoops for six month asking for help, and still had not received any. The system is not designed to help people, it is designed to support government bureaucrats. The NICS works better.

Unknown said...

Just be careful going down that "mental illness" road, and don't be so quick to empower our wise and beneficent gubmint to ban guns from the "mentally ill". Remember that in the Soviet Union political dissidents were declared "mentally ill".

Anonymous said...

395 men, women and children were killed over this past Labor Day in car accidents.

Why didn't Uhbama hold a press conference the day after Labor Day, expressing, his grief and anger over the senseless killing of those people on our highways during Labor Day Weekend? Because he doesn't give a damn about those 395 dead Americans.

Why didn't Uhbama ask Congress for more stringent car control laws or to ban them outright. Cars are not protected by the Bill of Rights, so it should be easy to ban them, right? After all, over 32,000 people are killed in car accidents each year, year after year. Why? Because he doesn't give a damn about those 32,000 dead Americans.

Truth is Uhbama and his party WANT OUR GUNS and will stoop to any means possible to get them, even it if means being the first to hold a press conference to capitalize on the deaths of ten innocent people by blaming guns and gun owners for their deaths, while turning a blind eye to the 87 people who die every day on our highways.
He's also conveniently ignoring the invasion over our southern border, which contains criminals and jihadis like our latest mass murderer, hoping he can register them to vote Dem. Uhbama is a despicable creature.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

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